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This Article is in honour of the 1944 World War II D-Day.

Today is the 70th Anniversary.

Today this story came back to me.

You probably know the story.

Once upon a time in land far away, there lived a very aged king. The King was nearer his grave than he was his crown. So aged was this king everyone knew it was just a matter of weeks, no, days before Papa crossed over to the afterlife.

That was quite alright.

What, it would have been quite okay by Everyone.

After all, the king should be over a Century.

But, where is the heir?

No, the Question is...

Why did this king not have any son alive to take his place?

STriving To Be THe Best
We all want to be the best, right?

‘Yeah, sure…,’ you might be thinking.

Not the lazy ‘yeah’ kind of answer,

But the ‘Yes; That is all I have ever dreamed of!’ type.

Granted, I know there are those who would tell you they do not really care if they are the best or not. In fact, they do not give a damn about how I, you, or anyone else perceives their acts.

So, with that excuse they cover up their fails, cover up their inner struggle, and cover up their perpetual disappointment in themselves.

But deep down they feel bad, sad and would really be glad to be the top dog, just like me, you and everyone else want it, dream of it and strive to be IT.

So, what if I told you right now to stop striving to be the best?

What would you do?

Smile at me, Shake my hands, and Nod in Complete Compliance?

Or Slap me, Spit on my face, and Stone me in Sheer Contempt?

Hey, before you decide, you’ve got to check this out!

Leave Good Behind And Get Better, For Good
Hullo, Friends! The first time I came across the phrase, “Leave Good Behind”, was around a month or two ago, when MTN used it in one of their adverts. My initial reaction was “Whaaat!?” What is that supposed to mean? Are you really telling me to leave good behind; as in, forget about being good? This is arrant Nonsense. Balderdash… Claptrap… (Please lend me another big grammar.)

I understand that if you have your cash you could do virtually anything vis-à-vis advertising sense and nonsense. And MTN has the cash. I once even heard of one person who once went to fix his campaign banner on the moon. That most likely might be a lie – It is so ridiculous and I have never bothered to research about it.

Yeah, I also once heard that our late king of pop, Michael Jackson, went to celebrate the naming ceremony of one of his children on the moon. Heard the proud father apparently found christening children on the planet earth too mainstream. The story did not end happily though – as far as I was told, the poor kid died up there, unable to enjoy the whole scenery. I do not believe the story, really, and did not even bother to research. Yes, lazy me! Scold me already. But I digress…

Back to the point: So, I found the phrase against common sense at first. But praise be to God; I never let nonsense go just like that. Dr Seuss would agree with that too when he said,

“I like Nonsense; It wakes up the Brain Cells.”

So, I decided to look deeper and get the hidden, not-so-readily-obvious message. Just as the realisation started hitting me, I felt so enlightened – so enlightened that I decided to share this with you. It has been a while since I came across that. However the message is as evergreen as it is timeless. Enjoy…

Aloha, Amigos!

Today I shall share my honest view on a very controversial topic that has been thousands of years ago. It is no other matter than tithe. I have seen people argue without end about its validity and effectiveness. That is, there are some who do not want to hear about it at all while there are others who consider it okay, but just outdated. Between these two groups are many modified schools of thoughts.

I owe my faithful friends here this post. I understand some people need somebody who is ready to really give an objective and practical opinion on this. Many times has it crossed my mind to share this but there has always been one delay or another. However, I decided this time that until I share my views on this, I shall not post a single letter on this blog!

So here we are today as I shall really be going in-depth and touching (while torching) every dark nook and cranny. Before we get to the really meaty part, let us first enjoy the basic delicious tenderloins Are you ready? Let’s do this!

Aloha, Amigos! How are you doing today? Hope things are clicking fine. Today we shall be looking at some traits that we should keep to the end, and the reason why we should. There are some things after all that make us men of honour (By men, I am referring to both gender), and this things should not be done without. Before we delve into the discussion proper, let us consider this man.

Once upon a time, there lived a man who worked as the house-builder of a big company for years. He was responsible for the construction of any infrastructure the company might be thinking of embarking on, be it just a Block or a Complex. He started at the young age of 25 and worked right into the 60s.

One thing that made the man dear to the company was how diligently he worked. He always paid attention to details and would not settle for anything less than perfectly spectacular. He was loved. He was respected. And he was to be missed.

However, before the company released him, they gave him another project that was to be his last – A Beautiful home that the company was going to use for special occasions. This was the last project – after this they would let him go.

Aloha, Amigos!

Been two days, sorry. Hope all has been well? Seriously, I also hope you are getting enough sleep. The thing got to me two days ago when I did not sleep through out the night and had to make up for it yesterday and today. Brain is back to normal now though. So here I am, Brain Active and Ready, to share this cup with you. Shall we proceed?

*Imitating Disney’s voice*

Once upon a time in a land faraway, there lived a poor young boy who wanted to be rich. He was ashamed of his impoverished generation and wanted a change. Wanted a change soooo bad! But what was he to do? From whom was he to ask? How could he get there? No question had been harder; No Interest such aroused.

And as Good Ole’ Fate would have it, a really grand construction was commenced and the activity for once brightened up the suburb. There would the young boy spend the day reflecting on that one thing he had been on for as long as he could remember.

He noticed the Construction Engineer one day leaning against one shiny beaut of a car. His father’s bicycle had been broken for ages! Just that it really was not his father’s – It was passed down for generations and was only used on special occasions. *Hisses* Impoverished Generation!

Searching For Ideas
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Aloha, Amigos!

What rocks? How has the day been going? I want to believe you are covering breaking more grounds. In case things have not been going so well, let me ask if you have been working on that idea. Yes, the one that keeps popping into your head.

Your idea… The One you came up with. You were perhaps brainstorming and you were conducting this massive research. You brought in expertise garnered over the decades fine-tune some rough edges, and created this Original, Innovative Blockbuster that would surely leave people knocked for six. Or in the Word of Peter Pan, Overgasted and Flabberwhelmed, lol!

Now, this is the idea anyone would die to have. I mean, that idea should be worth millions, if not billions, of dollars. But, for some reasons best known to you, the Million Bucks idea is still sitting on the shelf. Of course, there are slides of excuses you could shuffle through to defend the procrastination any day; so there is no reason to feel bad.

And then, there is no rush. After all, it is your idea. You love to keep things to yourself (Or maybe you don’t, but for some reason find yourself keeping this special one to yourself). So you relax since there is no way someone is going to beat you to an idea you originated. It is just not possible… Or is it not?

Aloha, Amigos!

I remember the days of YoLo! You know how someone starts an idea and, before you know it, Everyone has bought into it. For example, someone started the LoL (Laughing Out Loud). Now, it is all over the cyber world. I use it here occasionally too.

What is funnier is that people even use it in real life. Like really? I would speak and you would say lol, and there was I very certain you were not really laughing out loud. That is why many criticise the use, claiming it has been adulterated. It no longer holds much meaning, at least according to them.

Some people even tried bringing out what is not out of it. Maybe you have got the message claiming LoL is a devilish attempt to make us start worshipping him, lol! According to them, Lol means ‘Lucifer Our Lord’. *Laughing*. I countered that though, trust me, and asked why it could not mean ‘Lord of Lords’ then. That is, afterall, Godly. So, Amigos, let us lol as much as we want… when right.

Aloha, Amigo! *Smiling* If you've been following this blog this year, you would notice I've started using that as my greetings. Gone are the days of the habitual "hi."
These days, I'm beginning to hate online conversations that start with "hi." The way most of them end as fast as they start is enough to turn the stomach. Plus many are meaningless and usually end with "k!"
-Hw r u?
-Gud. U?
Arghhhhhhhhhhhh... Bad habits abound online. Which leads us to the main topic today: How to break bad habits. I've never thought about speaking on this, if not for a friend who needed help on whatsapp. Sorry, he needed help real life and asked for help on Whatsapp. And it is all about leaving a bad habit.
Let's proceed, shall we?
Keep the following in mind while trying to break free:
*1* Bad Habits are Bondages:
No one loves to admit it, but those bad habits we are into actually make us slaves, don't they? You find yourself being pulled by a force you can't explain. A force you find hard to break from, no matter how much you try. That's why they say BREAK away from it. Because leaving this habit is like a whole new advanced season of Prison Break. Read on
A poultry farmer once went to the market to buy a new Cockerel. It was not as if there was no Cock at home; just that the Cock is getting old, therefore could not meet the demands before him. You know… When there are over 200 babes around an Old Man, we can expect a unique kind of suicide.

So, the farmer was there, trying to judge which to pick. The
cockerels around look all the same – Young, Active, and all that. You know; the blood of youth. But, somehow, he was not satisfied. He wanted more and, just then, there was it.



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