Work Harder This Year? I don't think so

Aloha, Amigo!
Happy First Sunday!
How was service? I want to believe you went to Church today. Could be Mosque... Could be ....
All that matters is you went. So, how was it? Hope you connected with the divine. I did. I still do. Afterall, that's the essence. Yes, we connect with fellow worshippers, too.
So, since this is a Sunday, it's perfectly appropriate to speak on the Spiritual level. Plus Fun! Spirit is actually fun filled!
"In the presence of God, there is fullness of Joy."
See? Let's move on with style. The year is fresh, considering the fact that, after today, we still have full 360 days to make things happen. Best time to start putting more effort. Time to strive harder. Labour Unceasingly. Work like hell.
There was this time I was strolling with a friend of mine. There were these men digging ditches by the side of the road. I looked at them with their hard, sweating bodies and chiselled abs tanned from long exposure to the Sun. I've noticed this among those moulding bricks, too. When, I decided to comment, what stumbled out of my mouth was,

"Poverty really Works your Body out!"
Personally, I have never for once subscribed to the "Work Harder" mentality. It is pitiful, to say the least. Okay, let's look around. Most hard workers I know are not really happy with their results. They usually are the poorest. Ends not Justifying Means.
So, I believe in working SMARTER. Knowing what to do and how to do it. Knowing when, knowing with whom, ... And Involving The Divine, God Almighty. This Year, don't put all your eggs in your muscle-basket again. Have you tried out the Mind- and Soul- Basket? They are so cool and rewarding.
This year is not the year to labour in vain again. It is a year to be favoured. Do not trust in your powers alone. They are limited. Tap into the divine. Connect and Progress.
"It is not of those who labour, but of those who are favoured."
I see greatness this year, and am already claiming it. I see Mercy, Success, Favour, Glory and the whole goody-bag. I claim it. Claim it, too.
Remember, it's not about how hard you work.
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