What I Have Been Doing And Why YOU Should Be Doing it Too

Aloha, Amigo!
How has the week been going? I lost a pad I jot my online stuff in, in a cyber cafe. Really pained me o. But life goes on. There's no use in crying over spilt milk. I mean, if the milk is that precious, instead of crying, why not just get down on your knees and lick it clean off the floor. Just a thought.
Sorry for not dropping by earlier. I've been busy... online. On this very blog. I've been here working hard to improve the design and interface. I really want to make sure you don't enjoy just the content, but the container as well. Cool enough to calm you, yet Hot enough to... uh, Fire You! I wanted to use "burn" earlier but it sounds deadly. So, let's stick to fire.
So, that's what the week has been about: ReEngineering. I was working on many ideas I've been having for long, splicing and coding them. Have I ever told you I'm a Computer Scientist? Well, I love the code aspects of the blog. It's poetry, really. Anyway, you can check out how everything is now. Logo, and all. And tell me what you think and what I could improve. And yeah, I could handle similar projects too. Just contact me here. *Winks*
Now that you have an idea of what I've been doing, could you be a darling and add such strategy to real life. No, not the logo and coding aspect. I definitely wouldn't like the idea of you carrying some ridiculous logo everywhere and writing codes on the ground. Or on your food.

When I say, apply this strategy, I mean ReEngineering. Trust me, Resolutions don't work that much. You have to take it to a whole new level. Like, get down to it and work your butt out. That's the way to see improvement. Fab! That's the way to see changes.
So, Amigo, in what aspect of life are YOU focusing your ReEngineering strategy now, or planning to? Feel free to share.
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