10+1 Sure ways of Breaking that bad Habit

Aloha, Amigo! *Smiling* If you've been following this blog this year, you would notice I've started using that as my greetings. Gone are the days of the habitual "hi."
These days, I'm beginning to hate online conversations that start with "hi." The way most of them end as fast as they start is enough to turn the stomach. Plus many are meaningless and usually end with "k!"
-Hw r u?
-Gud. U?
Arghhhhhhhhhhhh... Bad habits abound online. Which leads us to the main topic today: How to break bad habits. I've never thought about speaking on this, if not for a friend who needed help on whatsapp. Sorry, he needed help real life and asked for help on Whatsapp. And it is all about leaving a bad habit.
Let's proceed, shall we?
Keep the following in mind while trying to break free:
*1* Bad Habits are Bondages:
No one loves to admit it, but those bad habits we are into actually make us slaves, don't they? You find yourself being pulled by a force you can't explain. A force you find hard to break from, no matter how much you try. That's why they say BREAK away from it. Because leaving this habit is like a whole new advanced season of Prison Break. Read on

*2* You are human:
Yes, we've all watched Superman, and would have loved such powers. But what we are, are humans. I feel like singing John Legend's "We are just ordinary people..." here. But I would not. We are not ordinary. Yet, humans are what we are. Which means we fall, and err.
To Err is Human, Right? Because of this, do not overly crucify yourself. Jesus already did that for us all!
*3* Rome was not Built in a day:
Yes, I know you want to break free. It wouldn't just become so easy. You wouldn't drop the habit and start feeling great the next day. Forget the hype about how things would change from black to white "because you made the decision to change." Know it wouldn't be easy. There are steps to be taken, which leads us to the next point.
*4* Break Contacts:
What are those things that prompt us to wallow in our excrement? It is important to cut them off after the decision. This may be bad influencers, like friends and relatives that encourage it.
It could be an object. Trust me, something so simple could trigger something so complicated. Sometimes, you might have to change location, if need be. It's tough, Amigo, but it's achievable.
*5* Face Yourself:
This is actually tougher than it sounds. I've been there. Fear not. You can do it. This is about you facing that inner monster in you, yearning to indulge in the habits you detest. You must be ready to stand your ground, because crazy tests shall be thrown. No, life doesn't hate you. But, it must know whether you are ready to be helped.
*6* Surround Yourself with Positives:
Stay where the glow is warm. Metaphorically. Some habits might not permit the physical sense of glow, if you understand. (If you do not understand, that is cool. Sometimes, just sometimes, what you do not know would not kill you.)
Anyway, you must stay near those who are ready to help you. Who are ready to make you smile under the bludgeoning of temptation. Surround yourself with the positive-minded. They have their challenges, but positivity has a way of making things more bearable.
Like Rocky Balboa said in "Rocky", "I got gaps. She got gaps. But together, we got no gaps."
*7* Distract Yourself:
When the thoughts start creeping in, and they shall come (Oh, they shall!), take your mind off it with all the power you've got( Yes, you are powerful!) and divert your thought on something good. Something positive. If the habit is so strong that you find it hard to find such a positive thing, Focus on God!
*8* Replace Habit with something more wholesome:
There are great things to start engaging in, to fill in the vacuum left by the habit you are dropping. Know why?
Our Lord Jesus Christ talked about what happens when an unclean spirit leaves someone. The spirit becomes restless and wanders for a while. Seems dude's looking for a greener pasture.
In desperation, he comes back to check his previous hood. If he finds out it's clean,(That is, empty with nothing to replace the vacuum he left) he goes back, gets seven of his closest friends.
" Hey, guys, guess what? I'm holding a party at my place. Yeah, I've returned to where I used to leave! What do you think? Bring your friends, and your uhnuhnuhn..."
And Jesus Christ concluded that the future would then be worse than the past. Ponder on this, and replace that habit.
*9* Run! No, Flee!!!
Be ready! Sometimes your head would pound. Have you seen where yams are put in a pestle and pounded with a mortal before? No? Okay, just imagine someone hitting you with the world's biggest cudgel.
Go on, imagine that "someone" is the world's Strongest man! You ain't got no choice man. Run! Breath in the fresh air, and run some more. It works, Amigo, It works! Sometimes, that's all you've got.
*10* Share and Seek Help:
Imagine that friend of mine didn't seek help, would I have been writing this. No, not in a long stretch. I almost can't stop writing here. I'm willing to help more, if he asks for more help.
Why? He SHARED AND SOUGHT HELP. So, he is receiving it. MayDay! MayDay!
*11* God First:
I would be a fool if I leave that out, wouldn't I? All the above would not be easy without the invitation and intervention of God. Pray and ask for God's guidance all the way. And, you know what? He's willing, more than willing, to help you. Halleluyah!
So,,,,, I hope I've done justice to this topic, after some fashion. What do you think about this post? Let me know. Your comments encourage me.
Again, what would you like to add to help out. Believe me, you are doing a lot of people, a big favour. So, Comment, Amigo.