Wisdom Trumps Strength

A poultry farmer once went to the market to buy a new Cockerel. It was not as if there was no Cock at home; just that the Cock is getting old, therefore could not meet the demands before him. You know… When there are over 200 babes around an Old Man, we can expect a unique kind of suicide.

So, the farmer was there, trying to judge which to pick. The
cockerels around look all the same – Young, Active, and all that. You know; the blood of youth. But, somehow, he was not satisfied. He wanted more and, just then, there was it.

Tall and Proud, Trotting now, crowing loudly later, flapping of wings oh so energetically, and dancing in the most corybantic manner. Oh, this is it! This is THE Cockerel. The One! The farmer almost shouted “Mourinho!” but he stomached the excitement.

He made for the seller – He must buy this. But there was a little problem, the seller told him. There were others queuing for Mourinho, sorry the Cockerel. So, Auction bell was rung. They bid, but he won. The Cockerel was expensive, but it was worth it. Or was it?

The Cockerel immediately felt at home. It was making a to-do list. This first; Yeah, followed by this, oh wow and this…. Just then the Old Cock made it out of the corner where he usually rested. It ain’t easy to be Old sometimes.

It looked at the Cockerel and said, “Granted, you are younger than I am. But does that make you stronger and more agile? No, I dare say! Now come, if you are so sure, and let us race. The fastest shall have bragging right and rule over here. But you must give me a few meters headstart. What do you say?”

"No qualms!" It said. So they raced. As expected the younger one was catching up. At the very moment when it almost caught up with the older, it was brought down by a carefully fired bullet from the farmer's gun as the farmer mutters, "Another Gay Cock!"

Take your time. Understand perfectly. Have you? Good, let's move on!

You see, strength is a very impressive quality. Strength is an implication that you could hold your own in different situations. Financial, Physical, Mental... Whatever strength you possess could just one thing that separates you from the rest of the park.

Yet, it is nothing when placed beside Wisdom.
No wonder the Holy Bible says, "He who gets wisdom loves his own soul." - Prov 19:8. Yeah, his life as well.

For example, strength could help you act really greatly in a situation, but it is wisdom that first chooses the right action. Without that, the whole intent might backfire. Have you experienced such?

We all have. Heck, Samson did! Strong as he was, he fell for the laps of a weak deceiver. Strangest of all was that it was clear what Delilah had in mind. Yet he fell, and the strength he so much trusted failed him.

Remember, Wisdom Trumps Strength.

Over to you: In what situation have you been when you've realised that Wisdom is greater. Please do share.