The Brighter Side Of Destruction

Aloha, Amigos!
What rocks? How are you feeling? Me; I am suffering from this terrible headache right now – A consequence of not having enough sleep. Serves me right, I know. Mother Nature would always find a way to get back what is hers. To Caesar goes what is Caesar’s…
Today has been great so far, if the ‘heavy-head’ is ignored. Got some calls and few messages from Long-Last-Contacted ‘people o’ mine’. One of the messages was from Mr Kazeem, a brother and an older friend. I have always held the first day I met him in high esteem.
I got to meet Mr Kazeem on business. As you might have known I am an Engineer, among many things, lol. I used to be very active until recently when I started testing some new grounds. Back then, I worked at my Dad’s (He is the Engineer that probably affected us all).
As an Engineer, you are to get component parts to use for your designs, constructions, and repairs. I am talking of real Engineering o – Not those self-proclaimed Baranda people o, lol.
I used to get some of the components at one man’s shop. Kai, the man is talkative! I usually get tired from the irrelevant topics he brings up just to keep my jaws apart. No qualms, I stomached the whole yada-yada and stayed loyal.
However, you know, Shit happens – Fire broke out when someone pouring adhesive gum (flammable) near someone frying Akara Beans Cake (Or so I heard) mistakenly started the inferno!
Long story short, my vendor’s shop was gone (Sadly, I must say. Being Talkative is not enough reason to see your shop razed to the ground). I have never seen the man since then.

Life goes on… I had to find a new vendor. And that was how Mr Kazeem came into the scene.
The search for a new vendor was not at all easy. I wandered for so long, and even passed beside Mr Kazeem. He was very lively, even as I passed, as he bent over working on an electronic panel this time and chat with others another time. I even asked for directions, and he gave them so easily. He was so easy on himself.
It turns out where I was going was not the right place for what I wanted. The man over there then redirected me back to Mr Kareem – He had the key to what I had been looking for. Scratch that; he WAS the key to what I had been looking for!
I returned to him, asked if he indeed has these things, and he replied in the affirmative. Then I said, “I thought you were repairing those panels.” Now, let me point out here that if he had been repairing the panel he could not have been the Key. He had to be doing something else to have qualified, and he phrased it himself.
Booming with Life, he looked at me smiling and exclaimed, “Repair ke?! I do not repair them – I DESTROY them! May God not make me a Destroyer.” I would never forget these words. If Mr Kazeem does not destroy these panels, how would we get the components needed for a greater cause?
When you get to think about it very well, for some things to be repaired in life, some things sometimes have to be destroyed. Life is a cycle, and a balance must always be struck. Just the right amount of Good, Just the right amount of Evil. Nothing more, Nothing less.
Sometimes in Life, we look forward to that big break (Well, for people like me, we are always on the lookout for it!). However, no one wants to sacrifice anything for the greater cause. Nobody wants any small irrelevant aspect taken off the track to pave way for the greater good, even when that small part is standing in its way.
Life does not work that way, does it? Something must be dropped for something else. What matters is what is dropped for what; what the gains are and what could be considered as losses. This brings to mind my post on Calculated risk, which you should read here.
Life has taught me to let go of some trivial things for greater ones. It has been so rewarding. Sometimes, God might help you break something down just to build something better out of it. You've gotta trust Him.
And Trust The Abilities He Invested In You.
In You.