Dropping Guards Now

Aloha, Amigos! How are you doing today? Hope things are clicking fine. Today we shall be looking at some traits that we should keep to the end, and the reason why we should. There are some things after all that make us men of honour (By men, I am referring to both gender), and this things should not be done without. Before we delve into the discussion proper, let us consider this man.

Once upon a time, there lived a man who worked as the house-builder of a big company for years. He was responsible for the construction of any infrastructure the company might be thinking of embarking on, be it just a Block or a Complex. He started at the young age of 25 and worked right into the 60s.

One thing that made the man dear to the company was how diligently he worked. He always paid attention to details and would not settle for anything less than perfectly spectacular. He was loved. He was respected. And he was to be missed.

However, before the company released him, they gave him another project that was to be his last – A Beautiful home that the company was going to use for special occasions. This was the last project – after this they would let him go.

As usual he picked up his instrument and moved to work. However, this time, a dark seed grew in his mind and he thought of how, since this was his last work, he could make some easy money. He decided to buy substandard products and used those kinds of materials he would have rejected outright in the past.

He of course still made the house LOOK good. The Appearance would deceive anyone, he thought smiling devilishly to himself, yet only I know it is all counterfeit! Kikikiki! The company did not know, of course. They did not even bother to check. Why, this man is trusted.

Then, the bomb was dropped. They presented the ‘lovely’ house as a gift to the man for a lifelong service to the company. They were proud of him. They were happy for him too. He could not hide his shock but his sadness he was forced to hide under a veil of false happiness.

That was how this man, in an instant, lost the reward he would have deserved for his integrity.


There is a saying that,

“Let No Man Turn Aside, ever so Slightly, From the Broad Path of Honour on the Plausible Pretence that he is Justified by the Goodness of his ends... All Good Ends can be Worked out by Good Means.”

People sometimes get so beaten around sometimes that they find the discipline they had held on to for so long slip out of their hands. Some are not beaten at all – it is just out of sheer greed. Some feel intimidated. Some do not trust what they have and are.

And what do these entire people do in common? Drop Guards. It is alright; we have all been there.

Do not get me wrong. There are real instances when we have some of our beliefs reviewed and refined. This is very normal as there is no man with the complete Knowledge. Sometimes, those things you have held on as true and just for a long time would eventually rear this ugly head you did not know it had in the first place.

It might be because you were a bit ignorant there or you might know and just not want to accept. But whenever you get to that junction where you decide it is better to adopt a new discipline that is better than the old, you are doing it for a greater honour than your ego.

I wish this was true all the time. However, we all know how we drop virtues and pick up vices time and again because we believe there is something to gain from it. Some would even talk about how the end justifies the means. But is this always so?

Remember the saying,

“Let No Man Turn Aside, ever so Slightly, From the Broad Path of Honour on the Plausible Pretence that he is Justified by the Goodness of his ends... All Good Ends can be Worked out by Good Means.”

That man in the story thought he deserved to make some money. After all, he had worked hard for decades. He might have felt a bit unappreciated or maybe just believed he could have been appreciated more. However, the slight Turn Aside was all that destroyed all he had worked for.

You see? In the mean time, it might look good enough to drop guards and do those things you know deep down in you are way wrong. Just remember, if you look well enough, there are good means to get to the good ends.

Do Not Drop Guards!
image credit: nocookie.net
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