How did I manage to get this trapped?

So, I decided to get the job done. I was to fetch water into the restroom. We operate a not-very-regal system at home, so do not expect a tap. Anyway, I entered the bathroom, and that was when I saw it. A Giant Rat!

My initial reaction was to dash straight out of that dark place. Who wouldn’t, really? I know some people who would most likely faint straight away. Just then, I regained my senses, lol. There are some things in life that could make you lose it for some moments. Don’t lie; has it never happened to you before?

Like I said, I came back to being a man, dashed back into the restroom, made for the GIANT RAT. The rascal looked at me and made for the sink-hole. Nice one! I didn’t even have to trap it. Looked like it had done a good job at that itself. Talk of Suicide mission. All I had to do was flush it down the drain. Could it be easier? ...

Aloha, Amigo!

Thinking about the rat makes me think of how we, at many times have trapped ourselves. Just between me and you, haven't we been our own adversary at one time or the other? Sometimes, I wonder if humans are as wise as they think they are. Oh wait, I am human too!

We so much bring avoidable tribulations upon ourselves a lot. Let me give an example, lol. And this is just an example. I know of someone who collects "Baranda" (Commission) on goods he helps others sell. That is, he helps you scout for interested customers without you really asking, and helps you bring more sales and patronisation. Naturally, you would be appreiative and may even offer cash rewards.

He would not just collect it (Which is okay, by the way. You should it where you "work."), he would fix an amount of which you must not pay less than. In short, he is rendering services to HIMSELF, not you.

People like these usually do this as their only way of surviving? How wise or foolish is that? They have sharpened their marketing skills and relied on it to survive, with their small family. At least, that would make more sense than none.

But this man apparently has 3 wives! Ahhh!!! How are they to survive? With the children, too? Somehow, I heard he managed to get a building over his head, from that... uh, business. But 3 wives and how many Children?! This is a true life story o. I even know the ugly man. He once brought a friend of his to my Dad's office and scammed the poor man right in front of my two eyes and one nose. Bastard son of a Thousand Fathers!

Now, people like this might complain about the economy, and maybe blame the Government - That is what the majority of our people do. SMH,*Shaking My Head* I hate that thing with passion. People would find it hard to admit that the bad government started from them and, then, their respective homes.

The following things I would highlight are what throw us in traps. And they all have one person's fingerprint all over them - Ours:

  • Greed - On Valentine, a co-worker celebrated her birthday. So, there were drinks. It was on Friday. Fast-Forward to Monday, we found this stupid rat (Yes, another stupid rat, though this one is not Giant) in one of the bottles. The devil forced himself into the bottle just because he wanted a sip. Well, a sip he got. A sip too many.

Rat Trapped in a bottle in the office.
The stupid Rat Trapped in a bottle at work
  • Envy- Some people get themselves trapped because they are envious of some people they deem succeeding more than they are. History is filled of many who have ensnared themselves in the process. Remember Joseph's brothers?

  •   Hatred- Lol, a lot of such cases abound. I still can not understand what could ever steer you to hate a fellow human being. Oh well, we could have asked Haman why he hated Mordecai. But we all know the story - Dude got hanged!

  •  Low Self-Esteem - I pity those who fall under this category a little. Not too much, but at least, this one's are not really being as evil as those Evil Three above. Some people just do not believe in themselves. Many people who feel unimportant, unaccepted, or unappreciated might do things to impress people. But then, when does impressing people have happy endings? 
  • You should read what Nosa E. Nosa wrote about The kind of people who can not be helped here

  •   Ignorance- Lol, I still remember that friend of mine that customised his notebook back then in high school, when customisation was the rave. Dude wrote as a tagline on his notebook, "Ignorance is Mine." I was like, "Yeah, sure. It's all yours." The story is still here on this blog. The truth is, some people do not really know it was a trap. They went in without calculating and, Gbam! You know the rest of the story...

The Last on this list... At least for now. (I might update this post later. One more reason you should bookmark it now and share with friends.)

  •   Naivety and Innocence- Some people (and they are the saddest of the group) were not really involved in any boobytrap dealings. However, because of how gullible and innocent they are, (I am trying to be nice with words, because that 'innocent' should be 'stupidly innocent.' Okay, okay, I said it already.) they are dragged into it the last minute. It  is like somebody who committed a murder, and you just happened to walk past. But then, your wandering eyes that never misses a thing sees it and blam, you held the person "so that he wouldn't run away." Lol, I am enjoying this story myself.

Just then, the police siren started blaring (Just to make this story interesting, let us assume our police are very up to the task, so they got their just in time.) The murderer heard and so did you. Anyway, since you apparently touched the dead man too "to confirm if he is dead," your hands are filled with blood too.

So, upon hearing the siren, the murderer who was begging you initially just changed face, gave you a series of left jabs, a few right hooks, and one neck-snapping uppercut. What do you expect, silly? He of course made for the fence just as the police entered the building and made good the escape, though the police saw him.

Here you are, punch drunk and "trying to help the police catch that useless criminal." You also made for the fence, your hands full of blood, in hot pursuit of this murderer. You could see the police running after you.

"Of course", you thought, they are joining you "in chasing that useless criminal." Yes they are, silly. Just that YOU are that "Useless Criminal." Of course, you didn't know. Poor Innocent person like you. You got tired, paused to catch your breath and what you caught was a free Handcuffs gift. Do not forget the leg cuffs. Finger cuffs nko? All combined.

I can explain sir. Of course, you can, um... Gentleman. But why not do the explanation in court? The judge sure would be very interested in what made you kill that man, and six other people in the hottest serial killing of the past month. Ahhh!!!

Ahhh, what? Better start praying. The Law does not have an "I never knew" section.

Lol, the last story is not about you, of course. At least, I hope it is not. I use "you" so that we could all better imagine such a sardonically lugubrious situation.

I hope you get some lessons in this post that seems to go on forever. It just had to be this long to cover the topic. Stay updated. I might still add more later, lol.

Thanks for reading.
God Bless You.

Aku Cinta Kamu, Amigo.


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