Top Reasons Why You Should Say Sorry Today

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Yes, yes, I know. It has been two days straight. I am sorry. I truly am. I should however notify you that three things had been holding me up. The first was actually some personal stuff I had to attend to. Thank God it has been settled. More on that soon…

The other thing that had been holding me was actually the networks that we rely upon as our ISP (Internet Service Provider). These guys really should write a big apology letter to all of us, seriously. If you don’t live around here, Nigeria, you probably might not understand. Let me drop that for now…

Now to the third: This Blog. Yes, FantaFab had been one other culprit for the two-days French leave. Why, I had been buried in some very tasty resources that have been bombarding me with so much useful information, which in turn has been opening my eyes to Fabulous ideas that could better help me serve you better.

And I thought it was three- actually there is one more: The Valentine’s Day Giveaway. I had been so busy trying to meet up with promises. It isn’t easy, honestly. But it truly has been so rewarding.


You should have noticed the following:
Those stories might be true (In fact, they are). You may also opine that the four points are plausible ones. Well, maybe. However, it does not change the fact that they are excuses. Plausible excuses, granted. But excuses they are, all the same.

I could have ended the whole thing with a simple “sorry.” Many have dragged the unnecessary just because they were not ready to say that simple word in time. All those puff-puff ego. Big-head person not ready to say “sorry” to the other party… Sometimes, even THAT other party could as well be one hell of a big-head. Eeyah…

But then, if you still value the relationship, or whatever you share (Everything is actually based. So whatever you share is still a form of relationship between you and that other party.), you should be ready to correct the errors from your own end of the rope. The life is a war, sure. Just not against your fellow humans. So, why not say sorry?

Let me tell you a short story.
Story, story… story… (LOL, I bet you can recall those days of story telling. Let us proceed.)

I respect Tracy Chapman a lot. I came to know her one dark rainy late evening. We were searching for bike, I and my friend, Victor, to take us to our respective streets. We usually board the same bike. I alight first. His place was farther. We would then, endure the walk home in the rain.

This particular night, I just heard that song… Baby Can I Hold You Tonight… I was glued, listening to that soulful song. But not for long- I moved for where the song was coming from; a speaker. And the shop was not there. So, I traced the wire behind the speaker to the very shop where such a touching song is being played. Such was how moved I was!

As I paid for the CD, I never knew the impact it would later have. It would later touch many more lives. I would later sing this song before a crowd of friends, acquaintances, and strangers. I would get standing ovations, hugs, and handshakes because of it. And with its influence, I would find Love again…

The song goes thus,

Is all that you can’t say.
Years gone by and still…
Words don’t come easily…
Like sorry, like sorry…”

Let me leave it at that. That song is a very loaded song, if you listen to that song, you would understand what I mean. Just google “Tracy Chapman Baby can I hold you tonight”. That song shows how many hesitate and miss opportunities. And complicate issues. That is just Life is. People getting it wrong and blaming Life. Giving Excuses, excuses that would not change anything.

There are so many things we all could gain from saying sorry. I know some would say, “Well, there are some things to lose, too.” Well, probably once in a while. But when you balance the pros and the cons. You would notice one thing. You stand to gain more than you could ever lose.

Now, to the gains.
By saying sorry;

  • We save ourselves a lot of stress: Seriously, not saying sorry just saps you of beneficial life juice. Imagine that, and start saying sorry.
  • We do our part in preserving Relationships: Nothing kills Relationships as much as Stubbornness does. And that is what not-saying-sorry is. Stark stubbornness.
  • We lead Happier Lives: Honestly, would you not be happier when you do not have a bitter memory about relationships gone sour, which keeps haunting you day and night? I would not answer that for you.This time, let us both grab a cup of coffee and ask google, lol.
  • We are more productive: Some deals are bigger than others. But if that sorry you are avoiding is not affecting your productivity, it is probably because you are not being observant (Not being observant is already a bad thing, just so you know.). The bigger the deal, the more noticeable your loss of productivity. You can not be dragged by something and still expect to move forward. Even if you manage to do, it would be slow and painful. Truth is a bitter pill. Swallow it.\
  • We grow: No wonder the children grow more rapidly than adults. We grow and feel “un-sorrier”. Consequently, we grow less. You just look at the world around you. Look! And you would realise that “I no dey lie, lol!”

There was a time my boss was displeased with a trend in office. I was just a fresh IT student. I was not aware of any gravity of the act, or the consequence, whatsoever. When, I was suddenly involved and wanted to talk, the CEO, my boss, said, “I do not want any excuse.”
My reply was simple.

“None offered, sir.”

I saved myself a lot of headaches. I would have won the argument. Gosh, I am the King of Debates, lol. But I would not have helped my boss saved face. I would not have gained his approval, either. All I would get is an empty victory over a failure.

Remember that…
“An Empty Victory Over Failure.”

If there is one thing we all should consider doing, it is saying “sorry” as at the time due. Let us all save ourselves the stress of what stubbornness could cause. Let us all say, “SORRY!”

P.S: In the beginning of this article, I mentioned a personal matter that I had to attend to. It was my first excuse. And I said I would come back to it. The personal matter was that, I dumped my pride and said sorry to someone very dear to me. Not because the person was right, but because I handled the situation wrongly. Trust me, if I had not said it, I probably would not have been writing this very article.

So, say “SORRY”.

Aku Cinta Kamu, Amigos


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