Youth Or Experience | In Honour Of The World War II Veterans

This Article is in honour of the 1944 World War II D-Day.

Today is the 70th Anniversary.

Today this story came back to me.

You probably know the story.

Once upon a time in land far away, there lived a very aged king. The King was nearer his grave than he was his crown. So aged was this king everyone knew it was just a matter of weeks, no, days before Papa crossed over to the afterlife.

That was quite alright.

What, it would have been quite okay by Everyone.

After all, the king should be over a Century.

But, where is the heir?

No, the Question is...

Why did this king not have any son alive to take his place?

The patriotic sons of the good king died in wars – sacrificing their lives to protect those of the people.

The village always had to go to war. The King was a warrior. So were his father, grandfather, and great grandfather. All of his brothers were warriors too. So were all of his sons.

And virtually all of them had died.

Only a brother remained. Old chap like that – A typical Veteran.

Shit Happens.

So, the wise King prepared his house, called his chiefs and told them of who the crown would fit after he is gone to the hereafter. The criteria are quite straightforward: Only two people match the search – The King’s only surviving brother and a nephew from one of the dead siblings.

So, when the king slept with his fathers, the chief called the two candidates for the test to determine who would succeed the now gone king.

This was the test:

There were two trees, two gargantuan trees, standing in the middle of the village. To each candidate a machete was provided. For each, a hut was built. Food supplies were made available.

And to each of them, a tree was assigned.

To be felled.

Within 7 days.

Whoever brings down his tree first becomes King.

Trust the young dude.

Immediately the bell was rung, he sprinted out, grabbed the machete and started hacking at the tree – to the applause of the whole village.

And the old chap?

Immediately the bell was rung, he sat down, grabbed a stone and started filing his machete – to the sheer bewilderment of the whole village.

When the sun started setting he came out and started delivering blow to the tree.

This went on between the two for the first three days.

But on the fourth day, it started to dawn on everyone who was going to win.

The young nephew had trusted on his youth and had used brute force from the start.

The old brother relied on his aged experience and had used brain from day one.

On the fifth day, down came the old man’s tree.

And up came the crown upon that grey head.

I love being young – Well, who doesn’t?

If it is possible, we would all like to have access to that fabled fountain of youth.

Remember that film?

Anaconda II?

Remember that plant those scientists were after – Perenial Immortalis. The plant that promises Longer Life.

They died for it. Heck, they killed for it.

Yet, they gave it up.

For Perenial Immortalis was just as much a fable as Utopia is.


However, there is something else I want us to hold dear.

And that is Experience.

True, Experience and Age are directly proportional to each other.

However, You do not have to be aged to be a sage.

Hmmm… I love that!

“You Do Not Have To Be Aged To Be A Sage.”

You do not have to wait till you are 90 before you start gaining experience.

Neither should you think you are too young to start that project.

Start now while you can.

The World would bless you for it.

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