My Confession: The Room started shaking, and The Blood started to flow.

Hullo, Friend!
It's been a while since I spoke with you here, over a week really. Truth is a lot had been going on, and I would be sharing part of them with you. I believe you are going to enjoy this and learn a lot. All you have to do is relax and read with an open mind.
By the way, hope you've fastened your safety belt? Cos this is going to be a hell of a drive!(Change hell to heaven, if that makes you feel more, you know, comfortable.) Now, let's go!

It started over a week ago. Dissatisfaction grew in me. I wasn't satisfied at all with some things, and I wanted change, or improvements. There are many areas, but I'm sharing one today. More complex ones would come later. One of these areas is my room door. You see, I had this door I loved. I told a carpenter to move it up a little, before going to work that day. That was a long time ago.
By the time I returned, I was appalled! The carpenter removed the door, replaced it with one of the spares I don't like, and even added jara to it. Jara came in form of extra ugly planks added to the door here and there. You understand my plight, don't you?
Waking up to ugliness is not a recommendable thing, and I hate how it affects my mood. So, last week, I decided to act. Got a hammer with the claw, a handful of nails, and launched my project!
Dude, it ain't so easy. First I got the whole room shaking, hammering so hard (I was determined, remember?) As if that was not enough, I got my hand bleeding couple of times, and they're not just one of those little scratches at all.
Anyway, I persisted. I gave my all. I kept on. The blood actually served as a morale boost, after almost discouraging me at first. I failed so many times, redetatching the door and reinstalling it again. Okay, I didn't do that much. Maybe just around 10 times.
At the end, I kept at it, and smiled when I got my reward. My door is back. Oh yes, Halleluyah! Persistence is the key, friend. You cannot just give up. Infact it's wrong to give up. Persist and Proceed.
So, friend. I want to hear from you. What has persistence done for you in recent times? Plus what area are you facing challenges, needing your persistence now? Lastly what do you recommend, for me and everyone enjoying this? Please drop your comments below.