The Heat of Adaptation

Have you ever used a soldering iron before? Engineers? If you haven't, have you seen one being used? For some people, me included, this is as normal as breathing. One natural ish like that. No matter which group you belong in, keep enjoying. I must warn you, though. This topic is wide and powerful, and I could only say part of it here.

No matter how hard I tried to shake it off, it kept coming back at me. I've had this topic in mind for a long time, yes. And of course, I would have written about it one day. However, Today wasn't supposed to be that day. A part of me was chanting no. But one part kept whispering Yes.

Heck, who follows no, anyway. If it's yes, then yes it is!
The case-study here would be a brand new Soldering Iron. An old soldering iron with a new soldering element (which is its intestine, so to speak) would work too.

When a new soldering iron (or the old one with new element) is first connected to a source of power, The resulting heat generates a lot of fumes. More fumes at first than the heat it generates.

Let me explain that simply: Before the soldering iron gets hot enough, it produces so much smoke than the heat could justify. If you do not know the rules, or if you are impatient, you would get frustrated and conclude it couldn't get hot.

Afterall, why all this smoke when the darn thing ain't even hot enough. This is the truth: By the time the soldering iron gets hot enough, you wouldn't be seeing the smoke anymore. It's gone. The fume. The smoke. All gone, leaving just the heat.

The heat, which is the destiny and glory of the soldering iron. The whole fume is just a phase, before the glory. And no matter what, it could not escape this phase. For the fume must come before the heat.

YOU have to pass through some situations before getting to your goal. I believe the message is clear. Now is your fume, be it in your career or your relationship. Tomorrow your heat is coming. And you shall achieve your goal. Can you say Amen to that?

*Stay Focused
*Be Persistent
*Be Prayerful
*Be Positive
*Be Appreciative

And You are good to go!

Tell me, what fume are you facing now? And how are you transcending this into your heat? Let your voice be heard!