Guys, Guys... Please, Don't spoil my Fine Boy now...

Aloha, Amigo!
How has the day been over where you are? Over here, it's been quite great. I have this indescribable joy in my heart as I type this. Partly because... Ahem! *Clears throat* Let me let that slide.
Anyway, my body is great too. Remember I told you of that small accident yesterday. When my left knee received the impact of a bike in motion. The knee still dey pain me o. No lele! Everything is under control. Afterall, it's just one of the knees. Not both, right?
Well, while going back home today. I jumped on another bike (Don't blame me), and Gbam! It is my right knee this time! Oh boy, I was speechless o. Ehn, wetin I do all of una? Do you want to spoil my fine boy ni?
That doesn't stop me from going all the way, though. The funny fact is that, Tomorrow, I'm still going to be on another bike, probably manned by either of those bikers that caused me pains. Seriously, I can't imagine myself not being on them, at least occassionally. They are the unavoidable evils around here, and you just can't do without them.

There was this time they wanted to ban them around here. You know, the accident frequency, the rate of its abuse an all that. Even some of us whose lives and properties the Government was trying to help protect were like, WHAAAT??? How would we get to work in this stupid hold ups, ehn? Would you buy cars for us ni? No, you wouldn't. Unless to buy bulletproof cars all the time. Who are you protecting yourself against, self?
See, I said some of us. There is no indication I'm part of the protesters. That's by the way, though. My warning is to the Bikers, the okada riders. Guys, I understand you're doing your job. You can even perform stunts if you want. Like that dude that left the steering and was searching his legions of pockets for something that is not lost, just to show us he can do swag.
See, whenever we are on the bike behind you, or by the road beside you, just pocket your stunts. We don't want to see them. Imagine, we can't even tell you we are late for work, that you should increase the speed. Why? Because that would be the perfect excuse to run at break-neck speed.
I never born pikin. No kill me for moi palle and malle, and bralle and sislle. And no spoil moi fine boy, I take God beg all of una. Na pidgin I dey use talk am now o! No talk say you no understand.
Tomorrow, I'd be at the bus stop. I expect you to be there in time, too. Man must not get to office late...
Drop your comments, Amigo. They mean a lot to me.
Till later,
Aku Cinta Kamu, Amigo.