Online Insult could start fetching some 5 years Jail Term and Worse

Aloha, Amigo!
How has the day been? I'm feeling great here. Actually, I invested a lot into something, and i can see it paying off. I love it! You probably want to hear about my bike incidents. Well, after the two wounds on my knees, I've been luckier. The next day, it was to my right foot, but thank God it was light.
This evening, okada man(biker) that carried me just bought sukudai, one crazy drink these hausas sell. I looked at his face; Oh boy, I fit follow dis one go so? Anyway, I went and alighted safely. Thank God for me ni o; don't insult me. In fact, don't insult me at all.
Why? I now have the Government's backing. Well, soon I should. Haven't you heard? The Government is punishing those who insult people online. That is, some dudes could actually be at risk of up to five good(I should better change that to 'bad') years in jail. Yeee!!! Look at you; the constitution is already in the house of representatives, pending.
Some others would have to pay a fine of N10m. That is close to $65,000. Yes o! 65 grands for insulting that other guy ni o. Anyway, that's not all. Some might be so unlucky as to be asked to do both. As Jelili would say, "Mejeeji (Both)".
Here is how Punch Nigeria delivered it,
"Section 18 sub-section 1 of the Cyber-Crime Bill 2013, which is pending before the House of Representatives, expressly states that anybody who 'insults publicly, through a computer system or network' commits an offence and will be liable on conviction to imprisonment 'for a term of not less than five years or to a fine of not less than N10m or to both fine and imprisonment.'"
No, it's not over yet. Why are you shivering? Is it cold or just the fear?
HERE IS THE SHOCKER: Death Sentence, *Gulps*, for those who are so daring as to commit this offence against what the constitution describes as “critical national information infrastructure”. No, I don't really know what that term means. Maybe you do.
Well, here is what I think: The intention is welcome. I don't like the idea of defaming others in any way. That is too bad. It is what we tech-savvy would call black-hat. Anyway, the Government's intention in that direction deserves appreciation.(Ahhh... I love those -TIONs!)
However, don't you think that is...uhm...well, too harsh? We Yorubas say, "Ori bibe ko l'oogun Ori fifo". That is, Beheading is not the cure to Headache. Lol, Death sentence? You know, when I think about it, I remember the Presidency has been under attack a lot lately. Even it was reported that whoever insults the presidency could be charged with, was it not, Treason.
I'm hoping this is not a revenge-law. Abi, what does “critical national information infrastructure” mean? Definitely not super eagles or PHCN(Oh wait, they sold that!) So, what is that supposed to mean? Ahem! *Clears throat* What I am trying to say is, please explain...
Punish in moderation. Like I always stress, let's try and strike a balance in all things. And, guys, just stop insulting, okay? I love you too much to start imagining things o.
Till later,
Aku Cinta Kamu, Amigo.