How To Take Screenshots on Android Phones without Rooting

Aloha, Amigo!
How has the day been so far? I hope it's great. Mine was. I'm actually in a good news. Many discoveries both online and offline, and I am taking maximum advantage of them. I take screenshots of some too.
Now, It's no longer news what screenshot is, right? Screenshot, Screen Grabber, Screen Munch what do you call it?; they are all variants of this same thing. We've all experienced its impact in one way or the other. Remember those funny conversation images we have on our phones? Many were screenshot.
Maybe you've taken some shots, yourself. But what if you can't? Especially when you don't want to root your phone. Okay, Rooting is what many people think of first. You probably have. You know, Get your phone rooted and start taking these shots. Pity, though. There are grave downsides to this approach.
The percentage of it (The Rooting) working out fine is just average. 50% success, 50% failure. That isn't all: If it fails, the phone becomes useless, like a man without brain. Which is why you would love this!
Unfortunately, most Android devices on the market today aren't capable of taking screenshots. Thanks to God, though, Google recognized this and started including screenshot capability natively in Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and later versions.

Android 4.0 and Up Android 4 devices are capable of taking a screenshot by pressing and holding the Power and Volume Down buttons. It takes just the right timing, so if it doesn't work the first time try again! Prior Android Versions Some device manufacturers included native screenshot support prior to Android 4.0.
A quick web search should reveal if your device has this capability. If your device doesn't have this native functionality, it might be necessary to root your device. However this is risky, as I mentioned earlier. Consequences and How Tos would be discussed in future posts.
HAPPY SHOOTING!!!(Pictures only, not G...) Told You Lately? That I love You?
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