Apple iPhone 5c caught fire in a girl's pocket (Picture In Post)

Aloha, Amigo! How has it been? About here, All I can say is that there is water in my eyes. Sleepy things. Anyway, the day is a bit of a blend of both the dark and the light. Trust me, I relate with the light.
Talking of, did you hear of that girl that got burnt today by her very own Apple iPhone 5c. Ouch! So, this was how it went down. This young middle school student, an eight grader aged 14, in Kennebunk got the phone as a gift from her mother. Wow! Nice one, mom!
Now, she wasn't actually showing off at that time that day, because the phone was kept 'safe' in her pocket. Suddenly, the smoke started, right inside her pocket. Lol, if it was in Africa and I was there, I would first say, "Na juju tinz." (It's Magic). Anyway, we are talking Kennebunk. Not that they wouldn't have some magics, but let's face it, The days of The Pendragons of Camelot are past.

Now, the pocket caught fire, and well, started spreading around her. Now, I love smart people. The girl just dropped down and started rolling. No, nobody made mention of whether she twerked a little in the process. Come on, she's just a young girl.
Anyway, she had to remove her pants... Yes, the girls covered her and the boys were sent out. Makes me wonder if they would have stayed, were they not sent out. Anyway, I believe you and I know the answer. She was wrapped with a blanket, taken to a hospital where she was treated for second degree burn. Thank God she's safe now.
And for the records, this is a very rare case. You don't have to worry too much. Just make sure your batteries are kept in the right condition. No overheat, as they are made of flammable chemicals. That's one of the big things that happened today.
See you soon, Amigo. I have some important lessons to share with you soon. Till then,
Aku Cinta Kamu, Amigo.