Grow as Your Rosary Glows

Aloha, Amigo!
How has your day been? Rate it on a scale of 1 to 10. Pretty good here. And I think I would rate the day, 6. Anyway, let us get straight to the business of the day.
Some time ago, January was the month, I was coming home from work when my nephew, Testimony came running to me. Apparently, he found something he was eager to show to me. Yes, what is it, Testy?

Testy was there panting, as he usually is due to his hyperactive character, holding up a rosary. He was telling- he was actually yelling at- me that he just helped me find my rosary. Where did he find it? On the ground.
Something told me it couldn't be mine. No, my rosary would not have made it to the ground outside the house. So, I remembered I was not wearing my rosary. Why? I was dressing corporately(You know, work things). I left the rosary in the pocket of my coat.
So, in went my right hand into my right pocket (Hmmm, I love that poetry), and what was there but my own rosary. Here is my rosary, There is another rosary. Who owns that? I asked around and found out it belongs to my sister.

Anyway, I went in and that was where I was hit by this realisation. My sister's rosary was glowing beautifully. That is normal, mine does too. But when I brought my rosary out, The glow was almost gone. Noooooo!!! My precious rosary! Even, the flesh part of me was pestering me to change the rosaries, lol. Not me, though; I am too honorable to do that.
You couldn't imagine the relief when I remember the rosary only glows in proportion too how much light it receives. So, the rosary had been in that black coat pocket for days. How could I even expect it to glow. I am not Merlin, just so you know. "Leoht!"
There is no way the rosary could glow unless you expose it too light. This also goes for the moon, as it only reflects the shine of the sun. Many things in life are reflection of greater sources. It is just how Life is designed.
Your Talents are reflections of Your Glory, which is a reflection of the Divine Glory. If the talents are not exposed to use and connection, their potentials would not be maximised. It is common sense; Your Talents only work as much as You Activate and Apply them.
Incidentally, the level of your Success would depend greatly on how much of your talents you are putting to use, and how well you are putting them to use. Engage your talents and see Success skyrocket.
Over to you. In what way do you believe the Talents' potentials could be increased. How do you think we can help our Talents work?