Wear Red And Work Like Hell

Aloha, Amigos!

Been two days, sorry. Hope all has been well? Seriously, I also hope you are getting enough sleep. The thing got to me two days ago when I did not sleep through out the night and had to make up for it yesterday and today. Brain is back to normal now though. So here I am, Brain Active and Ready, to share this cup with you. Shall we proceed?

*Imitating Disney’s voice*

Once upon a time in a land faraway, there lived a poor young boy who wanted to be rich. He was ashamed of his impoverished generation and wanted a change. Wanted a change soooo bad! But what was he to do? From whom was he to ask? How could he get there? No question had been harder; No Interest such aroused.

And as Good Ole’ Fate would have it, a really grand construction was commenced and the activity for once brightened up the suburb. There would the young boy spend the day reflecting on that one thing he had been on for as long as he could remember.

He noticed the Construction Engineer one day leaning against one shiny beaut of a car. His father’s bicycle had been broken for ages! Just that it really was not his father’s – It was passed down for generations and was only used on special occasions. *Hisses* Impoverished Generation!

Then, one thought came to him and, in no time, that young boy bravely moved to execute. He found his way to the tall man scrutinising some papers which apparently contained the construction plan and details, and asked that question that has been gnawing at him for a long time.

“Please, Sir, How Can I become rich?”

The man peered into his eyes for a moment and then said in a very hoarse voice,

“Wear Red, Son, and Work like Hell!”

The boy stared at him knocked out of word. Then, the man smiled at the boy.

“Look at all those people”, he said pointing at the men crawling the whole building and working hard, “They all work for me. I do not really know any of them. I can not even distinguish one from the other – they all wear similar things too!”

“However, look at the young man in red. I started noticing him some times back. He comes a little earlier than the rest and leaves a little later than the rest. He works just a little earlier too. One of these days I would choose someone to be the foreman. The rest would answer to him and he would answer to me.”

“I would start giving him more responsibilities and consequently more powers. He would have to prove himself of course, and I would encourage you. I can bet my car that I would go for that man in Red. He has been different. Hey, he has been unique. He has been working hard, and sure deserves this”

“So, that was how I did it, Son. I worked as hard as I could. I do not do things just because everyone else is doing it. I do things because it is the right thing to do. And whatever I do, I do with all my might. I put my all into it. I start early and close late. And, No, it was not because I wanted to be seen. I was noticed because I worked really diligently.”

“I was called. It was a small promotion but, boy, it was consistent. It has all paid off. If there is one advice I would give you, it is for you to work harder, smarter, and more uniquely. Everything else would come.”

“Wear Red, Son, And Work Like Hell!”

So many people ask the question this young boy asks. Some would not admit it and excuse themselves saying blah blah blah is the root of all evil. But, it is clear that Wealth is something to be desired. It is Human. It is even Godly.

So, How To?

There are more to be done than just working, amigos. We have to do more. Someone said, “You can not go on doing the same thing and be expecting a different result.” You can not do what everyone else does the way everyone else does it, and expect a real difference. You just have to do more.

I hope you got a thing or two out of this. If there is one word to sum it all up, it is the title. I want us all to have it at the back of our minds. We should make it a mantra – for to be different, one has to do things differently.

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