You Do Not Have An Idea Until...

Searching For Ideas
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Aloha, Amigos!

What rocks? How has the day been going? I want to believe you are covering breaking more grounds. In case things have not been going so well, let me ask if you have been working on that idea. Yes, the one that keeps popping into your head.

Your idea… The One you came up with. You were perhaps brainstorming and you were conducting this massive research. You brought in expertise garnered over the decades fine-tune some rough edges, and created this Original, Innovative Blockbuster that would surely leave people knocked for six. Or in the Word of Peter Pan, Overgasted and Flabberwhelmed, lol!

Now, this is the idea anyone would die to have. I mean, that idea should be worth millions, if not billions, of dollars. But, for some reasons best known to you, the Million Bucks idea is still sitting on the shelf. Of course, there are slides of excuses you could shuffle through to defend the procrastination any day; so there is no reason to feel bad.

And then, there is no rush. After all, it is your idea. You love to keep things to yourself (Or maybe you don’t, but for some reason find yourself keeping this special one to yourself). So you relax since there is no way someone is going to beat you to an idea you originated. It is just not possible… Or is it not?

Many years ago, there are many things I believe only I have an idea of, only to find out later that, well, there is someone out there with that idea – maybe not the same but at least similar. And the difference is that this people sometimes are more daring – They are taking the game to the world. And where was I? Locked up in my room claiming Originality.

Those days were painful, as I felt like a kid whose candy was twisted out of his hand by the bigger kid down the road. Yes, I have been there before. However, I have this spirit that is ready to sit down and learn, so I made the best use of the situations and took mental notes. These Notes would bring about this post. So make yourself more comfortable as we delve into the, uh, ocean of Insight.

Are you ready? I know I am!


Whenever something FantaFab crops up in your brain, what comes to your mind first? Do you say to yourself, “I just had an Idea! Wow, my idea is superb” or do you think, “I have just been presented with an idea. I’d better get off my butt and make it count!”?

The truth is this: Whenever something “new” comes to mind, I would want you to always have it at the back of your mind that there are probably Millions of people toying with that same idea, one more serious than the other. And while you are busy snacking and reliving the “Wow, I am Totally FantaFab!” moment, someone is getting up to work. That should tell you something.

You see, God is The Grand provider. And while some may think God is working for them alone, it might be good to know there are billions of others God is working for. So, that idea planted in your mind is yours to implement until someone else, whom God deemed more serious is given that same opportunity. Oh you should see how this people make the most use of it!

I once heard of someone who had a song idea. No, not just an idea. The song was practically sung for him. All he had to do was bring it out. He belonged to a group, a church choir I think. But he was hesitating. Just as he was mustering the courage to address the group, someone beat him to it and sang that very song, word for word!

Many other people have reported cases where they had this great idea and, while still slacking, found out that somebody else is being recognised as the Mastermind. In many cases, the ‘Mastermind’ does not even reflect that someone else might have had that same idea in the past, not to talk of someone having that same plan at present.

So the new ‘Mastermind’ could not be accused of stealing. Ah, that just brought to mind what I read today on facebook when Nosa Ero Nosa was reminiscing the days when he bought a domain name only to find out about five weeks later that someone has a similar one.

Since coming online especially, I have found out that there are so many people booming with ideas. I have seen things online, which is why I respect people more with the way the mind works. Many projects have died down from the start when I find out someone else had got there first.

Yes, there was this time also I posted on Nairaland too. The post had been on my blog since last year, but I decided to share it on the forum around two weeks ago. Some hours after posting it, I came back only to see someone commenting that he has been expecting the counter-thread, which obviously mine was.

What happened was that someone had posted the male version on the forum just some hours before I posted the female version, even though I do not know. Naturally, people would believe I saw that and was trying to get some cheap attention, lol! So it seemed, just because I delayed the post by a few hours.


Is there a time when you had this idea only to find someone else already there? If you are the kind of person who generates ideas a lot, there would have been many instances.

There are some things that could not be shared. An example is the domain name. The same goes for many corporate idea generations. This is one reason why one must be double quick and smart. God is giving you an idea. Why should you wait it out when you are not God’s only child?

Over to You: What idea have you come up with only to find it somewhere else, and how did you react?