The Hidden Yolo | A Tour of the road less walked

Aloha, Amigos!

I remember the days of YoLo! You know how someone starts an idea and, before you know it, Everyone has bought into it. For example, someone started the LoL (Laughing Out Loud). Now, it is all over the cyber world. I use it here occasionally too.

What is funnier is that people even use it in real life. Like really? I would speak and you would say lol, and there was I very certain you were not really laughing out loud. That is why many criticise the use, claiming it has been adulterated. It no longer holds much meaning, at least according to them.

Some people even tried bringing out what is not out of it. Maybe you have got the message claiming LoL is a devilish attempt to make us start worshipping him, lol! According to them, Lol means ‘Lucifer Our Lord’. *Laughing*. I countered that though, trust me, and asked why it could not mean ‘Lord of Lords’ then. That is, afterall, Godly. So, Amigos, let us lol as much as we want… when right.

However, there is another that indeed has another meaning that we should seriously pay attention to, and that is YoLo! I do not know how it started, but all I saw was that I woke up one day and saw it all over Twitter. The World has not been the same since, lol.

What Does YOLO mean?

Yolo means ‘You Only Live Once’. As far as I am concerned, YOLO did not start in the 21st Century. The Holy Bible says, “It has been given unto Man to Live Once…” So, I would call that its history. Hey, Twitter started earlier too, you know. After all, Jesus Christ said, “Follow me”. But I digress.

YOLO actually is inspirational. Many people have drawn lots of courage from the fact that they have one life to live, and they had better make the best use of it. I am one of these people, happily. I want to believe you are too.

You could dare to do more. You take Calculated Risks, knowing you only have one shot at Life. You tend to stop delaying things. You stop putting off important projects. When the realisation that we only live once overshadows the fear of the unknown, we tend to put our all into living great – Living the FantaFab Life.

What about Reincarnation? After all, there are reports of those who got a second chance. Well, those who are lucky to have that would not even remember how the previous lifetime went. And then, there is no guarantee that we could be so privileged, and the probability is maybe about one in a million. Even a lottery is surer. So, why not Live The Best we could now and make Impact?

That is one Angle of it and, as you might have expected, there is another. There are people who, on the Pretext of YOLO, overdo things. These are people who fail to look before they leap. Or maybe they looked, saw something wrong, and yet went for it still. Why wouldn’t they? After all, we only live once, and no one is guaranteed a comeback.

So, they charge without thought, maybe get the first move going well, then they misstep and, Bam! They get hit. They get fried time and again; getting so burnt they are toast eventually. This also is another Angle, and valid it is.

Before I give my Recommendation, let us explore the Secret part of YOLO.


I once watched a video on YouTube a long time ago that brought about a big readdressing to the way I think when YOLO comes to mind. I can not recall the name, but if I see it I sure recognise it from the start. The Music Genre should be Electric or so though, in case you want to go search for it. And I think a crew of four sang it. Great Video!

When the video starts, the theme is of people living as they please and having fun, crazy fun. They were having the time of their lives, doing some really daring things. And they were indeed having fun. It might be crazy all right, but it is fun. That is all that matters, doesn’t it?

But then, Something Changed. Things started going awry, like really awry. Those things they were enjoying started enjoying them in retaliation, lol. It was really startling. I did not expect it. I mean, YOLO is supposed to mean You Only Live Once. We should be shown how sweet that should be, right?

However, the video ended with another meaning to YoLo. And it changed my perception for life.

‘You Only Live Once…’

‘You Oughta Look Out!’

I oughta look out? I am supposed to live like there is no tomorrow, make the most out of it, dare to dare, take risks and all; yet I should out again? What for? And for who or what should I look out? A lot of questions, and now here is the answer:

Everything in Life requires Balance. This is something I have always stressed and I would continue to do so. There are so much good things we could get involved in. Life is so much fun when lived to the fullest. But Balance is required.

It is so important to understand that. There is a way to have fun that does not put us and things we love in too much of risks. I see people getting carried away when things are so rosy, and it is not so surprising to see these same people carried away by the tides of the unexpected.
We must be fully alert at all times, as we do not control everything in life. This does not mean you should stop being Optimism, and suddenly throw on the gown of Pessimism. No, far from it. This is about being more realistic. This is about not closing our eyes to other impending things that are not so good.

The fact that things could go well does not erase the fact that we sometimes have to put in our bests to avert any evil that might want to destroy the good feelings we get from much deserved fun and success. Life is so much fun for the wise.

He who gets wisdom loves his own soul...
Proverbs 19:8.

This verse from the Holy Bible clearly means the soul must be preserved by wisdom, and so is everything we hold dear. Fun all the way, but always wisely.

You Only Live Once…
You Oughta Look Out!