Celebrity Lifestyle: How True is it and should you copy?

I am writing this in Great Hunger. It probably would go down in history as the first time such a sentence is written. But, unless you have almost eaten something with its label and wrapper out of sheer hungry desperation, you do not understand the hustle.

Last week, a friend and I were coming out from the Cafeteria where we went to fill our stomachs. He looked at me and said, “You are right, Fabulous [as that is what many of my friends call me]. I now agree with you!”

What made him say so? I was telling him some days earlier of how much I feel for Nicki Minaj. And the feeling is not just love or crush – it is pure pity. I don’t know how it started but I feel a strong sense of pity for Nicki.

Something just tells me that, the music and videos apart; there is more to her than meets the eyes. And it might not be pleasant. Not surprisingly, my friend was taken aback. He would not be the first one to be shocked though – a female friend, who is a fan of Nicki’s, also felt the same way.

So, what suddenly changed my friend’s mind? In two words; A Video. I can not remember the title, but it is a Rihanna-featuring-Shakira musical video. Anyway, I noticed the video some moments after it started playing.

Do not forget I said we were in a Cafeteria – in case you forgot, Cafeterias are meant for buying food and eating. The TVs are just for side attraction, a form of entertainment while you get the main job done – eating. So, those of you who visit cafeterias to watch football matches… I dey look at you with one eye.

But I digress. So, in the process of eating my food, I took notice of  Shakira performing those signature stunts of hers. You know, twist the hips, semi-twerk, jerk back and forth, left to right….
We all know Shakira. That day, my friend did not recognise her, even after the whole signature moves. We recognised Rihanna at once, of course. No one else with her kind of forehead.
It was only towards the close when the names were written that my friend finally believed it was Shakira indeed. And it was minutes later when he exclaimed, “You are right, Fabulous. I now agree with you! These people are not really who they appear to be on TV. Imagine, look at Shakira. She has changed!”

His tone would almost make you worried whether Shakira had been attacked by a dreadful infection. But I get the point. Shakira looked much different. And I can’t guarantee everything is alright.

In this world we all live in, with its tempest and storm, many look up to greater things for hope. People want to believe in something. People want to see a brighter future. And they want to see that it is possible. So, we all look out for people apparently doing better than we are, and think to ourselves, if they can, sure we can too!

This is not necessarily a bad thing. On the contrary, it helps us stay more focused. After all, if there is an icon in view – an icon whose footsteps we want to follow – we would be less likely to go off at a tangent.

And this is where the Celebrities come in. They are the ones with the seemingly perfect life that many look up to. We look up to them about virtually everything – Fashion, Lifestyle, Family, Culture and more…

Celebrities are the Bombs!
They live large. The kind of life some people could not even conjure in their wildest dreams – be it lucid or not. They are always happy. They are the ones whose dreams always come true. And what else, they try to help the society by showing us all how to achieve our dreams.

“I grew up in the slum of [insert the name of any smelly ghetto you know]. I did not get good formal education. I left home at the age of [insert a preposterously small number] so as to survive in life. I dreamt, I believed, I persisted and today I am here. If I can do it, you can too [Light fades slowly].” – {Insert the name of any Celebrity}

But do they usually have the happy life they radiate on media? Most likely not.

The truth is Celebrities are people like us and they have the kind of problems that most of us do. Now, here is a little something-something: if you know what some of these Celebrities are going through, you would hug your life and never let it go. Quote me on that any day.

If you are or know someone who likes forming celeb life or trying to copy the celebs, the truth remains that The only life that you ever live brilliantly is your own – no shortcut.

Celebrities are trying to figure how to live their lives. And immediately they step off camera or the mic, they could be found crawled up on their bed thinking and sighing. Life is still that same ol’ Bitch. So, go figure!

Celebrities come in all forms:
  • The Brilliant students;
  • The Big boys;
  • The Geeks;
  • The Beautifuls;
  • The Leaders;
  • The Public figures;
  • The Entertainers, duh;
  • The President;
  • You;
  • FantaFab.

Does the list surprise you? Do not let it be. We all are celebrities. We all should live our own lives. After all, that is why we’ve got it in the first place.

To Live It.

TAKEAWAY: Not all celebrities smile. Kanye west has been frowning a lot lately. Kim Kardashian, his baby mama, however is usually seen smiling. Their baby is name in honour of the compass; North West. The two, Kim and Kanye, are working out some marriage papers that look more like Business contract to me.

And here you are complaining about how life has been incredibly unfair? Go figure, Mate.

OVER TO YOU: What do you think about trying to copy the celebrities’ lifestyle and all? What do you think about copying any other person’s lifestyle at all? Do you think it is advisable? Why? Share your views. Prove to the world you are FantaFab.

P.S: Do not even think that, because I started this article in hunger, I finished it so too. Far from it, Mate! Go figure…

P.P.S: Have I told you how much I love you lately?

Aku Cinta Kamu, Amigo!

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