I am Looking At You

I am looking at you. kid imitating elderSometimes ago, I decided to stay home, to get some work done and to rest. The decision was to drive some hard lessons home. These lessons are not exactly new, but the messenger delivered one in a way that really made me think. And who else
could this messenger be, but my young nephew, Testy.

Testy, as you might have learnt from some of my posts, is very playful. When it was time for lunch, he wasn't around. This was unlike Testy, who loves food a lot. But it is understandable; He is with his second love- Play. I had to call him severally before he came, and that was when he dropped the bomb.

I was getting his food for him, when he said, "Brother Tunde [That's what he calls me], I'm looking at you." I asked him to repeat himself, and he said,
"I said I am Looking at You."

Yeah, it is nothing new that kids tend to observe the way you do things and try imitating, and Testy does that a lot. You, just look at the picture i posted. Notice he is trying out my pose. Lol, that kid has this way of tracking me. They don't ever stop, those kids. They are the ones who keep reminding us that it is not only on Twitter that you can be followed.

But when they look at you straight in the eyes and tell you squarely that, hey Big Bro/Sis, we are looking at you, I believe we should start looking at ourselves and start checking whether we really want them to see us the way we are right now. Are we proud of our actions? Okay, are you?

This sounds somehow like the whole Big Brother thingy. Cams in every room, Including the Bathroom? Gosh. You just know you are being watched. You kind of expect it though. After all, it is Big Brother. But when it comes to the small brother, come on, no one of us really give it much thought. Yet it is very important. Don't you agree?

Now, let's consider our career and business. No matter what you do, there are people looking up to you. And,  truth be told, there those looking down at you. These are enough reasons to up your act. Prove yourself. You are worth it; You are worth more.

And this is not about appearing good to those watching, but really being good. This matters a lot, as no matter where we hide, God is watching us all.


All The Time.

Over to you. How are you working towards leading your FantaFab life?