Photoshop Much? How crazy can Digital Photograph make us?

Then, it turned out that peeps with tribal marks and chronic acne attacks were becoming more open to taking pictures. Why? All could be cleared just by a few drags and clicks! It was unbelievable.

You mean I could make my hair bow? Like a Rainbow?!

When the buzz started around here that there was this new technology that could make you look really nicer, I was not really paying attention much. But then, they mentioned that you could actually make a granny long dead wear modern day designers.

And that jolted me from my self-induced sleep! Whaaattt??? You mean I could actually change what someone was wearing? I could literally change wardrobe on the system? Someone must be on a very wrong pill! Or am I wrong?

We were even offered the option to take as many pictures as possible just because we could pick the one we wanted printed. Ehn?! That is the purest shit we have ever heard of!

I remembered when I mistakenly clicked on one of these analogue cameras' shutter back then. All I heard was the shrill sound that almost made me black out. I was staring like this boy here...

Debt! Debt! Debt! I have employed an unused service. Gosh, and I hate debt. Whatever you hate, you have to get rid of, right? Needless to say, I parted with the little money I had with me, and even had to beg the man before he accepted. *Sighs* Darn Analogues!

So, of course, we embraced the digital, at least most of us - I know there are those who would never allow their analogue to be wrested from their hands. I am not one of them. Digital Photography has saved the world from keeping negatives safe because of the future. It has saved us all a lot of money as well. Plus you could actually leverage your sweet moments in more ways than one. Good stuff!

Photoshopping ( and indeed all other forms of photo editing) has changed everything. Literally Everything. *Winces* I am not even sure if that is a good news nowadays. "It changed everything." Yeah, good news if you consider the fact that you accentuate the qualities you want people to notice and Conceal the negative (Pun admittedly intended).

But then, like anything else - good or bad, there exists an extreme. The bad news is the extremes are everywhere and it sickens me. That is, people overdo things. Some people have changed their destinies via Photoshop, lol!

Where the hell is the other leg?!
People started changing every feature on their faces, and indeed their whole body, to "look acceptable" to the society. They mask so much of their personage that you would be left with no doubt that low self-esteem is involved. I mean, why would you change everything on your face if you were comfortable with that face in the first place?

I got this scar on my face when I was much younger (due to our childhood deathplays, of course). I hated the scar! Gosh, I did! And it did not get better when time after time, even recently, I got hit on that very same spot. Craziest Coincidence ever. Now, I know the scar is going no where. It is always there for you to see the first time you meet me, real life or in the pictures. Boy, was I ashamed.

Then Digital Photography came and I saw a solution. But the very first picture proved me wrong. You see, over time the scar has become part of my identity - part of me. Removing it made me look crazily odd. My face was unnaturally smooth - No single spot. Just like a character from Disney Cartoons.

Right there and then, I knew Digital Photography has its extremes. Now I still take 'em. But I never take things to the extreme. Help me bring out my beauty. No, do not help me add another person's "beauty". Honestly, I love being me!

What about You?