The World Would Always Be Bad... What To Do Now.

The World
Yesterday Tuesday, President Barack Obama of The United States of America was addressing the G8 heads and delegates in one of their meetings. You probably could guess what they were discussing: Ukraine’s Crimea that Russia would now prefer to call its own. You probably know the story already.

I love Obama, no doubt. From the days when he started the campaign that first brought him to office, even long before I knew he was black. Duh, not skin black (Many continents are) but African black.

I like the fact that he could address the audience without having to romantically consult sheets upon sheets of prose ‘skilfully’ written by professionals – Specialists at writing what is not necessarily what is on the reader’s mind. You and I know a boxful number of ‘dignitaries’ who can not do without them. Mockery!

But what could we do? The Lions are being led by some Sheep.  *Looks at the sentence, thinks again, crosses it, and rewrites* The Sheep are being led by some wolf. And there is little we could do…

But I digress. So, like I was saying, Obama was addressing the G8. He spoke the way he always speaks – Oratory. And He said those words that we probably all know, even if some of us would like to hope against hope that it is not so.

…And that is what we are looking into today.

*Gasps. Gulps a cup of water. Switches on the TV. Real Madrid v Barcelona (Not Live) on S2 Select 2-2. Oh, 3 – 2 now! Ronaldo just scored a penalty. Clears throat. Resumes.*

We all know Genesis 1 – including those who have never opened a Bible. It is a live movie in our heads now. God created the Heavens and the Earth in the beginning… The Earth was a dismal soup of Nothingness. God then said, let there be light. You know the rest of the story.

The question is this: What is the earth right now? Clue: Read the underlined phrase above. *Shaking my Head yet Smiling*. So, good people all over the world are trying to change the world; with their words and with their actions.

Evil thrives when good people do nothing, right? One wise was quoted as saying that. Now, with all the good being done, has there really been a big change? Has the world now become a better place to live in? The Technology, The Civilisation, The Movements; are they making those big changes to the world in the positive direction. What is the earth right now? Clue: Read the underlined phrase above.

The earth has never been better. Yet the earth has never been worse. And the worse part is truly choking. People are quitting everywhere. There is no hope. Many good people move to make changes, still naïve and unaware of how things run in the real world.
They get out there, see the real world, and seethe at the realisation that their fantasies were after all just that – Fantasies. Some manage to crawl back into their world of Fantasies, and give up on real life. Others move on and blend with the Society and adapt to the status quo. After all they could do very little. If you can not beat them, why not join them?

Now there is a third group that try to move on and make things happen. They bring in the whole artillery and got ready for war. *Clears Throat* The war was what ended many. It would end many still.

There exists a fourth group… Yes, there is a forth. These were wounded in war. Wounds are crazily painful. Not those I-just-cut-my-thumb wounds, but the oh-sh*t-they just-my-right-hand type. The truth be told, such life wounds would make many revoke all the doctrines you have forever held sacred and precious. *Sighs*

These people ‘of the fourth’ would turn back, retreat, and surrender. Such could be seen later licking their wounds and forever keeping quiet. Mouths shut for life – Saddest of pictures. No, you try and picture that, and tell me if it is not sad. This is the end, or is it?

Holding Hands To Help The WorldThere yet exists a Fifth Group – The FantaFab.
These are those who knew about the status quo. They know about how the society operates. They no for sure that the world is bad, and no one can change it all at once – No one except The Creator, of course.

  • They learn first how the Society operates.
  • They filter standards; as not everything the society offers is bad.
  • They adopt the good ones.
  • They do not just dispose of the bad ones.
    • They re-examine
    • They modify, if necessary
    • They improve
    • They make good
    • They adopt them
  • They dispose of those that can not be saved
  • They live these new standards. They have their Principles
  • They look for ways to introduce them to the society
    • One person at a time
    • Snippet Upon Snippet
    • Line Upon Line
    • Here a Little, There a Little
  • They understand that they can not save the whole world
  • They leave everything to God, Yet never surrender
  • They are open to improvement suggestions from others.
  • They enjoy life more….

This is a Lifestyle. A Movement. A Set of Beliefs. Mantras. Principles. Peculiar. And Unique to You. You make your own rules. You follow posts to stay updated. To get Guidance. But at the end of it all, it is your life to live.

You are even very free to agree, disagree, and suggest here. That way, you could help a whole lot of FantaFabs all over the world know what your mind knows.

Here is where We strive to improve ourselves and one another in the art and act of living. Taking charge at all times to bring positive knowledge across towards that Greater aim of Striking The Balance… And Ruling The World.

You are Welcome!