Tattoos and the TicTacToes...

Excited about my new discovery, I raced home to inform my siblings. We could get a tattoo with a pencil! A permanent o, not all those temporary ones. We could write anything we wanted and flaunt it anywhere. I just learnt it and I was proud to be the messenger.

Needless to say, my siblings (Mostly made of my cousins and extended family) listened with interest. I can not remember if we persuaded him or he volunteered, but my older cousin, Sina, decided to offer his body for practical.

I grabbed a pencil and started, little devil that I was, and started writing the first letter. It was not as easy as the hype, so I increased my intensity. I kept increasing the intensity till it was obvious to us all that what I was doing was inflicting serious pain.

Let it suffice to say that I did not even finish the first letter. It was too much pain. We found out later that it would never be as lovely as we dreamed of it. No, we would actually be nursing a wound for a while. *Recalls with sad amusement* I left my cousin scarred for life. Just kidding; the scar is gone now… or at least you have to look really close to see it.

Aloha, Amigos!

I miss those days of innocence, you know. Those days when we knew virtually nothing in the world. The days when a full stomach, long hours of play, and peaceful sleeps was our idea of dreams come true. You know, we used to see a new day as so bright and ready to explore.

Then, we started going to school. I never cried to school, but I still know many kids did. Didn’t you cry to school when you were a kid? Speak the truth; I wouldn’t laugh at you. Anyway, we got used to our pencils, fascinated by the lead. We later got bored and could not wait to use the ink...

Those were the days when lead and ink are writing materials. These days, we hear of people loading someone full of lead – Bullets, Mates; Bullets! I thought that was the end until we started noticing guys everywhere are getting more of the ink…Tattoos.


Tattoos are everywhere. Doubt it? Look around you. Wait; why not even look at yourself first? *Checking out myself* No qualms. Tattoos are considered to be a part of fashion. And do not let the past generation try to deceive us – They started the whole thing.

I see many people accuse this generation of being ‘wayward’. We tattoo our body (No, not me. Just referring to the generation as a whole, which of course I am one of) and do a lot of other ‘unthinkable’ things. Lol! Talk of Pot calling the kettle black.

Those ol’ mamas started the whole things jare. You see all those usually ugly inscriptions on their arms and bellies? Well, those are the cool tattoos of their days. You would be seeing their big boys with their dansiki sashaying across and making sure everyone notices the ‘sexy’ Lizard crudely drawn on their Biceps. At least we are neater.

So, does that mean I actually believe Tattoos are alright? No; far from it.

 I am not one of the glasses-on-nosestick ‘Professors’ who would scream “Tattoos are ugly”. I have never loved hypocrisy. So, I would stay blunt as usual. I have found some Tattoos very sexy. Tattoos could also be very beautiful.

I used to have a girlfriend. When I noticed her tattoo, I had mixed feelings – I was not pleased with the idea, yet I am very drawn to that Arrow-Shot love on her arm. She did not know. We never mentioned it. We probably never will now.


So, what do I really think about Tattoos?

1.      Tattoos are okay for big boys and girls:
There would always be a group of people who would want to do the things they perceive the ‘cool’ guys all over the world are doing some ‘cool’ things, and they would actually become ‘cooler’ by following this trend.

Well, these people may look cool, but until they change their mentality, they are not FantaFab. And if you are not, well, you could get tattooed. However, I would not recommend it.

2.      FantaFab Men and Ladies do not Tattoo:
Why? Because they have Bigger things to invest in. Bigger dreams to turn to reality. Less time to follow trends. More time to take charge. Greater things in life to work for. Greater Coolness than Tattoo could ever offer.

3.      God does not want us to:
Lol, I got some people here. Many would lift up their chins and brag about how God did not tell us not to do this or not to do that. They would talk about how God did not mention Tattoos and all that. Well, God mentioned this and he was clear about it. He does not approve of it. Tshikena!

4.      Medically Your Enemy:
There are many health risks associated with Tattoos, and I am not referring to just HIV/AIDS here. The process of introducing these various inks into your bloodstreams could actually cause severe irritation. Trust me; you want to keep your body as healthy as it could ever be.

5.      Socially Your Adversary:
Our mothers have been telling us for decades that we should not judge the book by its cover. Yet everyday, we see ourselves making long-term decisions based on the first impressions we get of people we meet. There is a reason why the eyes are placed before the brain and the ears.

That is, before we hear who you are, we would have seen who you are. Like the wise would say, people might pretend as if they do not care whether you have a tattoo on or not, but you can be assured that that is what they are looking at. And it is usually not in good faith.

6.      Not Career-Sensible
Now, unless you are in a club binging (Something FantaFab people do not do – the binging part), where else would you fully recommend someone with a tattoo? Surely not for a big project.

And as an employee, even if you have a tattoo, you would still find yourself having a rethink when the applicant staring right at you has this tattoo along with his CV, wouldn’t you?

So, What I am saying is, no matter what, it pays not to have the Tattoo in the first place. Not just for now, but as well as for the future… And those of your descendants. Live a Great Life. Stay off Tattoos.

OVER TO YOU: What do you honestly think about Tattoos?