Fool Again or Full This Time?

Aloha, Amigo!

We woke up to a great day today. Somehow I woke up past 6am. How that happened, well, must be because of how tired I was. I did not even read the book I was supposed to sleep last night.
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I still salute Nature – sometimes you are gone into the dreamland before you could say Jack. Our Elders say, “Orun ni n gba t’owo Omode” meaning “It is sleep that takes that which a Child holds on to.” Well, the same can be said of the Elders too. Are you still here? I trust you.

Onward Ho!

Getting to work was blissful; being here has been blissful as well. As ever, we started with prayers (Guess who was to lead – Your Man, Mate!). Then C.E. came to round things up. It was in the Round-up that I got the Inspiration for this post.

You see, I am not a Big Fan of April Fools. I don’t do the lie-for-fun thing so much. It must be that I still value how credible my words are too much to stain it with some ‘fun’ prank. Name is more valuable than Gold.

So, it was to my delight when the C.E. said, “To the World it is April fool but to Us It is April Full.” In essence, where others might be seeing foolishness we should be seeing Fullness.

Remember, every second you make choices. You choose how you want to approach life. A friend loves saying “I refuse to be a fool.” Now, I can Confidently proclaim that “I Choose to be full!” Life is so fun!

So, today, it would be really nice and short. Choose to be full this month! Work towards it and refuse to be a fool.

Let us Rule This World.
Striking The Balance!