How Wizkid Brought me back to Nigeria And Bailed Out.

Sometimes ago around last year, at one Awards Event like that in South Africa, (You probably still remember the name. Me, I could not care less, at least for now.) Wizkid’s Azonto video was named as the best video of the year.

Have you received an award before? Probably, I guess. We all know how good that thing feels like. You know, being the centre of Attraction, people giving you standing ovations. The feeling is kinda FantaFab, indescribable, and Magical. You love that feeling, don’t you? Awww… You haven’t felt like that before? *Hands you a handkerchief, then sheds a few Crocodile tears*

But I digress…

Some Nigerian Artistes actually performed there that day. Wizkid and many others did not get much heat on! Guys apparently did not feel them much. Only P Square was able to break the Naija-Ice. Thank God; At least somebody represented.

This leads me to the main thing. Wizkid did not get an award for any music; he got for a video. What does that tell you? Wizkid got an award, yet could not deliver his performance in a top-notch fashion. What does that tell you? Simply, the dude has been trying in the videos, but the music itself is not as good as before.

I remember back then in the days when I decided that I have had enough of Nigerian music. Same kind of voices, Same beats, Same Fragments of Brains – No Innovation, No Message, No Originality.

I started investing in foreign Music; yes, Including songs of alien languages. I could not understand many of them, but the phrasing, melody and integration are sweet enough. Search for the three in Nigerian music and you would most likely find it in only about 5%. And I am being very merciful with my evaluation.

That was when Wizkid came in and dropped Holla at you boy. Cool song. Well, I don’t know how much he had released, but when I listened to “Love my baby” (There are a few versions. The one I love must be 2 or 3, who cares), I fell in love immediately. With the song, I must stress.

Wizkid went on to release some other really cool songs…. But then, what can we say, the dude caught that Naija Fever, and lost the coolness of his songs in the process. So, yeah, I am not Wizkid’s fan. Heck, I am no one’s fan anyway.

But I was listening to some oldies and got a few of his back-in-the-days songs and I truly missed him then. The song that did it was that “Call my name.”

It makes me wonder. Why do Celebrities release few good music, and then get carried away? I understand the temptation is high, but we still have people like 2 Face. P Square, well, have started ‘habatically-ing’ in their songs. Lord, have mercy. But we still have 2 Face… And we still have you.

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