We Know The Good. Yes, We Know The Evil.

Aloha, Amigos!

I am still feeling my stomach burning right now. Yes, I am cheerful, bright, optimistic and all that. However, some things really get to you. Like the heartlessness of Man – Like the heartlessness of the Killers of Soka. I just looked into the whole issue and I find it bothering.

In case you don’t know the story, let me brief you. This den was found out where human being were captured and taken to. For what? Well, for killing. But why? For money, mate, for money. Around here, Humans could be money, evil as it is.

You see, Humans have this whole wealth of Knowledge. The sad part of the story is that Knowledge could be good or evil. And we all have a portion of each. This is perfectly normal.

Wait, what was Adam thinking when he was eating the fruit? We should be clear he does not know the full implication of the Word, “And you shall know both The Good and The Evil.”

But then, is that big enough an excuse to start implementing all you know? Thankfully not. It is one thing to know, good or bad. It is another to put this knowledge into action. Some Knowledge were never meant to be implemented by humans.

So, Humans understand that there are really diabolic means of making fast money, and they see it necessary and unavoidable. Some would even try to justify it. You see, nothing can justify killing, cutting and selling the body parts of fellow humans for money. For anything whatsoever.

It is inhuman. It is animal, people. How could someone be that heartless? Imagine how the victims would have begged and begged. It is disheartening thinking about it. People, the point is nothing could justify evil, ever.

Let No Man Turn Aside, ever so Slightly, From the Broad Path of Honour on the Plausible Pretence that he is Justified by the Goodness of his ends... All Good Ends can be Worked out by Good Means.

Anyway, that is about that. Life goes on… and ends for some. Every single moment.

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