Your Language Does Not Count

A bright young man working as a sales representative of a Big Beverages Company recently got a Big Project from his Company. Like we all know, Big Project means Bigger Pay check. So, as you could trust, he walked enthusiastically into the Admin office. He could not wait. The word is out – The Project is Huge!

The project was this; Create awareness about our product and make Sales. That simple? No, not really. If he was asked to Create Awareness in Lagos, that would have been so easy. But just imagine your company telling you to sell Energy drinks to people in a remote village, who did not even know there is any other liquid than Water. Now, that is a Biiiig Project!

Well, trust our friend, beaming with Ideas. He accepted the Project gleefully. This is the Dream Project he had been awaiting. What, he is helping expand the Company’s reach. That is a huge boost to his name, ego and pocket. *Grinning* Now, his Bank account could smile at last.

It was only after he started that he discovered that the people of the Hills (Villagers) do not even understand English Language. Their writings are more Hieroglyphic than Alphabetic. That is, They use Symbols in stead of Letters. Here is a Challenge, what would you do?

Trust our Friend: He came up with ways to pass on his message – By Employing the Imageries. He used Images to convey his message, and his Company gave him a round of applause. This would work.

The Imagery comprises of three drawings. The first is of a man very exhausted in a desert. The second depicts the man drinking the Energy drink. The Third shows the man after drinking the beverage feeling revitalised and jumping up in excitement. This would surely work!

Three Months later, our friend was back with a big smile across his face. No, he was back with the world’s most solemn frown. He failed. He failed woefully. Ties hanging haggardly from both physical and mental exhaustion, he staggered on to the nearest seat muttering, “They ran. God, they ran away! Nobody told me they read from the back!”

Take your time, and understand the picture perfectly. You see, the reason why so many beautiful ideas fail is because the ideas, as beautiful as they are, are not being properly communicated to those who should tap into it.

This is also one big reason behind a lot of rifts, damages, upset and misunderstanding. After all, if you do not get the proper message and add your own meaning to things some times, it could be way different from what the other person was trying to pass across. In most cases, the meaning you give to it is unpleasant.

For example, imagine FantaFab being written in a language you could not read. You would agree there would no communication. Now imagine you could read it without getting my message – That means you would be giving it your own meaning, meanings not guaranteed to be positive.

This is the reason why we should be concerned not just about the messages we pass; but also about how we pass them, the language and the medium through which we pass these messages.

This simple rule of Life applies from all ages. Remember when God wanted to stop one of human’s biggest projects (Project Tower-Of-Babel), all he did was do a little something-something with the Language system. Those dudes just could not understand one another again. They went from one language to Legions.

When God decided on the Advancement of his biggest Project for Humans, what did he do? He simply did another little something-something with the Language system again. He made sure recipients were hearing the message in their own Language – Simple as that.

You should remember this in your relationship with your friends, family, spouse, clients, colleagues, acquaintances, customers, and even God. Learn to speak to everyone in the language they would understand. Or look for media that transcends Language… Well, none exists. But some still help reduce the barrier of vocal languages. Example? Imageries!