Is being in love worth the risk of getting hurt?


That was what she titled the post last year 2013, in which she bared her thought on that one issue the whole world is still puzzled about. You guessed it; Love. Duh, who doesn’t know? The only thing that seems greatly talked about after that is… Money, Lol!

Back to the writer:

She wrote about whether it was worth it to try out something even though it might fail. The way she put it, she could not see the sense in loving what would later hurt you. Why love when you would eventually get hurt, right? The post was a long while back, yet the same issue resounds everywhere.

Aloha, Amigo!
How are you doing? How has life been treating you? Lol, life has been quite playful these days. Why, by what life tests you with sometimes, you would be doing yourself too much harm not to laugh and enjoy the moment.

If you could not, it might be how you esteem yourself. What is the solution? Follow these basic practices, and graduate to the advanced ones here. By the time you are through, you should be feeling sooo High (Do not worry; I have been ‘accused’ of being high a lot lately. And how do I feel about it? I feel FantaFab!)

But I digress;

Just like the example in the first paragraph, many the world round have found themselves asking if they should ever fall in love when loving usually comes with the risk of hurting. I know some people would start assuming the love I am mentioning here is the kind you have for your ‘Honey-Baby’, *Chuckling*.

That would not be completely off point, but that love is just one of many. Like the writer in the first paragraph, who was already married and with children, the love-and-hurt inspiration did not come from a divorce. No, far from it!

Rather, our dear lady fell in love with a house they wanted to buy. She started blogging about it excitedly, filling her readers in with the details and progress. Imagine the feeling when she found out eventually that they couldn’t foot the bills that follow such investments, after all. Broken heart….

The bottom line is that, no matter what you fall in love with (human or thing; living or abstract) – if such fails you, you would most likely hurt. And that is perfectly normal.

Now the question is
Should You stop Loving so as to Avoid getting Hurt?

Hell, no! Life must be lived. You loved something, and devoted more time to it than it truly deserved. Yet, it failed. So what? That is the mentality I want us all to adopt.
“Yeah, So What?”

The moment you learn letting go and enjoying life to the fullest, you would see how happier your life could get, even after getting hurt again. You know why? Because you realise there are lessons to learn and things to improve.

Your newly learnt lessons would help you avoid initially made mistakes in the future. And if you make another wrong move and it fails? Learn and move on again! Life has never been easier.

I have heard a lot of “you are heartless” kind of remarks. But the reality is, I have a heart which would not break. If the impact is so hard as to cause a fracture, I would take a deep breath, switch on some good music, and move right on!

Come to think of it, whatever failed you actually did one of this two things
  1. It has added to you
  2. It has taken away from you


If it has added to you, maybe that is all it is meant to be. An addition phase in a greater scheme of things. Trust me, there are so many contributors into this life I live, and that includes you. I live my life based on everything in and out of me that I come in contact with.

If I knew from the start that I would later be hurt by some people or by something,  I would have avoided them in the first place, right? Wrong. I have opened up to many people I know would hurt me eventually. Why? Because they are just one phase in a Greater Scheme of Things. If I had run from them, I would have missed that phase of theirs which would benefit me, eventually.

These kinds of people feel guilty today without knowing I don’t carry their weights along. I am actually living my life!


If that is the case, well, there is no point in continuing anyway, or is there? You might not have noticed sooner, but subtraction is actually a bigger hurt. Or maybe you knew but were hoping for a miraculous turnaround.

Life has its plans though, and things don’t always work out as planned. And God just saved you from a lot of hurts in the future.

It is my life. No one owns it, but me. That is, God gave me. Nothing keeps me back. Nothing drags me into the past. I look into the past just to grab lessons for my future. No one rules this life of mine. Everybody is a guest. You might become a VIP, but a guest you still are, nevertheless.

Life is sweet for those who could live it. If you can’t, contact me, and let me help you. Life has never been easier.

Live, Laugh, Learn, Love!

TAKEAWAY: You own your life and should live it for God and for yourself. Live for other people, in such a way that benefits the humanity. But when you start ignoring your life, avoiding love and walking alone, that is screwed up.

OVER TO YOU: What do you think should be done when you are facing love dilemma? Go for it or Ignore it? Or try another style. Please, do comment below.