I was Raped. Can I have an Abortion?

Aloha, Amigo!

How have you been? Hope the day has been great so far? Right now as I type, I have a few people complaining of cold – mostly females. Yeah, let your imaginations roam. But I would say the temperature is perfect. Air Conditioners are perfect any day.

Now, back to the females complaining of cold, is it that they don’t have as much body heat as their male counterparts. I do not know, and becoming a transgender would likely not change that. Well, Janet Mock should better tell us about it.

On the other hand, the whole ‘cold thing’ these days is becoming quite sexual. I should know; I have heard that statement pointedly over the years. Well, I have handled those situations quite well. So, go figure.

Anyway, you would agree with me that, since time immemorial, there has been this ingenious way of getting rid of this particular kind of ‘cold’. Yes, we both know it – Sex. I want to believe we are all mature here, so I don’t want your teeth out right now. Lol, I could almost see some people grinning from ear to ear right now. Clean your mind and let us return to the topic.

Now, Sex in itself is a beautiful thing. No, you don’t have the right to ask me how I know that. Well, I could tell you the Holy Bible is clear about it, and I learnt it from there; but we both know you would not believe me. So, why the pretence?

Sex has been abused, though, and it is lugubrious to see how some people go about it today. It mocks the whole act. We see today how many sadness and ‘mistakes’ have exuded from its abuse. From the diseases to the Pregnancies no one really wants – neither the Father nor the Mother.

It is on the unwanted pregnancy that I would sub-focus, though. You know there are grades in everything in life. Some unwanted Children today could actually walk taller than others – that is if they were not ‘flushed’ from the womb. This is because unwanted pregnancies basically come from two intentions:

  1. Mutual Initiation – where both the parties were ready for the act. Maybe one persuaded the other or they both genuinely wanted it does not matter. What matters is that they both decided to rock.

Unwanted Pregnancies from these kinds of affairs are so well off when compared with their counterparts. Check---

  1. Individual Initiation – there is no reason for me to mince words. What I mean by that, in one word, is RAPE. Only one person really wanted it. The person is the one obsessed about sex enough to get it by force. It is really one of the most malevolent acts ever.

Now, I do not even have to tell you that pregnancies from such cases are, *sighs*, faith-shaking. Trying to keep such pregnancies takes a strong spirit, if truth be told.

This takes me to Pastor Chris Oyakhilome of Christ Embassy. I love Pastor Chris, brethrens. I have found so much to learn from his teachings for a long time now. I watched his programme on NTA, on Sunday. He answered a lot of questions beautifully.

Until when someone asked the question:
“Is it okay for someone to abort a pregnancy as a result of Rape?” Pastor Chris chuckled as he read out the question – That is a question one really wants to be careful about answering.

When Pastor Chris answered, he said it is Okay to do so. Whatttt???!!! You mean it is very alright to flush some while leaving another? Before I give my opinion, let me rewind to the question Pastor Chris answered just before then.

Pastor Chris had answered a question just before that, of when a foetus becomes a human being. The sender was probably thinking of abortion too, and Pastor Chris had answered that the foetus becomes human immediately it was formed. So why could you say a foetus as a result of rape could be aborted.

  1. According to Pastor Chris, they were children conceived in an act of sin (By that, he was referring to the Rape incident).
  2. It is a traumatic experience for the woman who was the victim of rape.
  3. The pain and shame can not be understood by someone who was not involved in such a situation
  4. The child would not face judgement – in essence, the woman is doing the unborn child a ‘favour’.
  5. We should not judge.

Those were Pastor Chris’ point of view, anyway. It necessarily isn’t mine or yours. We all have right to our views, right? Now, many writers would end the article here, to protect his image and avoid a major issue.

Lol, by now you would have known I would speak. It matters not if the whole world is shying away. And I would be as objective as I can. So below are my answers to Pastor Chris’ opinions above. Then, I would put the finishing touches to it by sharing my views on the subject. Let’s do this:

I find this part of Pastor Chris’ views the most absurd. How could you even conceive such thought as your form of alibi? Children conceived as a result of rape are born through sin, so what? What about the rest of us? Were we conceived in holiness? Last I learnt, David, Former King of Israel, wisely concluded that we were conceived in the sin.
Now, were some of us born holier than others? Yes, one actually was – Our Lord Jesus Christ. And we all know he came to be without the biology of sex and all that. Dude, Mary, the mother of Jesus, was a virgin!

He had to be born without sex, to make him clean from the original sin that our Big Daddy, Adam, so graciously bequeathed to us for FREE! No man born through sex is conceived sinless. So, go figure.

When Pastor Chris was trying to capture that traumatic experience in words, I could feel the emotion behind it. Personally, I have always voted against rape; no matter the situation.

Anyway, because someone was a victim of rape should she decide to get rid of the pregnancy? I say No. Rape is a murder, for Pete’s sake. Would murdering an innocent child suddenly make everything right? Never; can two wrongs make a right?

Even, killing the man guilty of the rape offence is considered a sin, unless maybe right in the act – that is self-defence and that is perfectly understandable if you could prove it so in the court of law. If not, one faces sentence.

Why then should we give it a thought towards an innocent child coming into the world to fulfil a mission? The next point smoothly serves as the alibi:

Such a victim would be expected to go through a lot of pain. Forget physical; I am talking about emotional pain here. Physical pain is nothing when you think about the kind of pain such people go through emotionally, you would begin to understand how big of a deal the thing is.

Pastor Chris knows this, and so does everybody else. Heck, I want to believe even the rapists know this (Only God knows how heartless some people could be!).

Now, add it to the shame one would have to carry about when one discovers that the whole unpleasant incident has resulted in a pregnancy. Talk about adding insult to injury!

However, I know people who took that measure. They might be able to avoid the initial pain and shame. But their pasts still haunt them, and there are other pains and shame that would materialise over time. Just ask around.

According to Pastor Chris, aborting a pregnancy means the kid does not enter the world. He reinforced it by claiming the Baby hasn’t dragged in Air ‘from the world’. In essence, the child has not had any encounter with life on earth. OK… What are you driving at, sir?

 Pastor Chris went on saying, since the child has not been born, such a child would not face judgement. Lol! Joke of the century. The Bible was clear; we were all sinners from the womb.

I would not go as far as saying who and who would be judged and who would not. However, God never segregated a group from His ‘all’. The book of revelations talked about Everyone, Young and Old, before the Seat of Judgement.

Apart from the judgement part, how would you consider taking someone’s life on the plausible pretence that you are helping such a person escape judgement? Does it occur to the world that you are also stopping him from fulfilling his destiny?

But then, if Pastor Chris were here right now, he probably would tell me that…

The Bible talks about this many times. No one should judge anyone, as none of us is perfect. We are forever wanting and our best behaviours are forever falling short of God’s standards. In case you do not know, His Standards are very High.

So, I am a sinner. And I can not imagine myself judging anyone; because, as The Holy Bible rightly said, I should avoid judging if I “do not want to be judged”. Sinners judging sinners should rightly be regarded as the height of hypocrisy – A case of the pot calling the kettle black.

So, all I would share is my opinion, my view, which of course is entirely mine. To each man his own… so, here we go.

Rape is a very horrible thing that I can not describe. Let us face it; I have never been raped. But then, I am a male. How could I call any case of mine rape? I believe the attack is aimed more at the more delicate vessels – the daughters of Eve.

I cannot simulate the kind of thoughts that go through the mind of the victim. I have heard a few recounts – none of them is good. These people go through traumas that some never got over with. Much is the pity!


However, I know that abortion is never a solution. It could make you sigh of relief for a moment. But trust, it would return to you. The sigh would turn to that of despair. I still know people who cry today.

I have seen someone who had to be prayed for before getting relief from the aftermath. Do not let a situation turn to your excuse. Excuses never save. Not now, not ever.

I would not judge. I would advise, rather. You have the right to do what you like. It is your choice. But if my two pennies count, please do not abort.

God bless you forever.