Aloha, Amigo! How are you this morning? Personally, I am feeling great. Well, I think it must be the food in my stomach (I just ate couple of minutes ago. Delicious! I am not telling you the meal, though. ); or the great feeling in my body (It is no news that I work out on my own. If you do not, it is a great idea to start right away.). But then, if you consider the mental frame this morning as well, it is all enthusiasm. I should probably do the Davidic dance. You know the move-your’s-hands-and-legs kind of.
Yes, talking about David, I have always loved David Beckham. Wait, who would not? That very handsome English ex-footballer that wowed us all on the pitch. I used to use England on Real football 2006 then because of this Fantafab person. We sure remember those free kicks days. The man has retired from professional football playing now, though.
Have you heard? He is now into MLS in Miami, Florida. MLS stands for Major League Soccer. Our Star has announced his plan to start his franchise in the League. That means, soon, we could be hearing about this football club owned by Beckham. I listened to his speech on CNN yesterday, and was impressed.

The club, he said, would be a ‘People’s club’ and would be a worldwide favourite. He wants the club to have his brand and personality, which I personally believe is a good thing. This is, after all, what this blog is about. Me being me, no deception; You being you, no lies. Balancing and Ruling.
“Everything I do is personal.” He said, “I want to make this my team.”
I am glad for David, and I believe he would experience success in his venture back into football. Come on, apart from his family, his life is wrapped around football. Talking of which, I have always admired the Beckham Family. Those guys are tight, really. Over the years my taste has been refined and redefined.
The Beckham Family has grown into a greatly esteemed family. I believe you could see how diligently both husband and wife have been working to bring the family to the position it is now. Victoria has always struck me as a strong woman. I understand that the fashion sense of the family has a big signature of hers. This is something I want us all to know. The family where only one side of the family is adding value is placed on a wobbling scale. It is not balanced at all.
The children are fabulous too. I see one in particular, I think the second son, taking after the fashion sense of their mother. (Victoria is a model, for the records.) When everyone is doing excellently, there would be a well balanced success worthy of emulation. I want us to take some lessons from this, and apply it to our everyday lives.
*Add value to others
*Surround yourself with those who would add value to you.
*Balance values and win.
This is the way to success.
Aku Cinta Kamu, Amigo.