YES! I Know What You NEED!

Aloha, Amigo!
How has the day been? The day has been great here. Just this pain in my left knew. I actually was involved in a speed impact between two bikes during the busy hour of the morning. You know, few minutes to 8am. Mad Rush Hour.
So, my knee was the one that got the impact. I can't really describe the pain. The excruciating sensation wreaked through my body, and I didn't just know how I got the instinct to stay cool. Even when, the bikers wanted to start one of their characteristics argument, I told them to forget it. They are already at their "office." I was the one just going. No time.
Anyway, that didn't stop me from Throwing my jaws open for some seconds. I just hope the gesture is considered sexy by onlookers, lol. Like I give a hoot!
Anyway, I was surfing the web.(If I don't surf the web, who will?) and found some really great posts and tidbits everywhere. One of them was about what makes people talk, and I find the answer amusing. So, I'm sharing it with you.

This particular one was posted on facebook. Prayer makes people act. As in, tell people you ate rice yesterday, and they would be like, "Yeah, so what?" Even that would be in their minds, and not in the comment box.
But say something like, "You will not die before the end of the year. Type AMEN to claim it. Jezzzzzuuuuuuu!!! Oh boy, come see comments!"
"Amen in Jesus Name"
"Amen O!"
"Amen, Fire!!!"
Our people, ehn, na only prayers their head dey turn to. But dah one no mean say make dem no curse each other papa in another post o! Naija! Na so-so stingy all of una dey.
Anyway, it's a good thing to pray. And yes, prayer moves mountains. No, Catterpillars can't. Go and ask KOPEK. Anyway, subscribe to that which works.
In other use, Port to Prayer.
This is our Year, In Jesus Name.