Consider The Smoothly Plastered Wall

This is the third time I'm typing this from the scratch. Whatever was causing the problem didn't want me to post this didn't want me to share this with the world. Well, trust, this only made me more determined. So, just find a way to relax, and enjoy the message. It's worth the stress in typing. It surely deserves the pleasure of reading.

So, I have looked around and seen a lot of houses. Different Structures, Various Categories, Distinct Qualities. I have seen Huts with Thatched Roofs. I have Seen Mansions bathed in royalty. However, here, I split all into two categories. Just two.
*The Smoothly Plastered
*The Not-So-Smooth

I have noticed different characteristics under each of the categories and, even though there are exceptions, you would still agree with me 99% of the time. Let us look into each categories, starting with The, um, Not-So-Smooth.

Have you ever noticed that the areas around The Not-So-Smooths are relatively bushy? I don't know, so tell me. Look around, or envision these places. There would be bushy areas around- 100 meters away, at most. And this leads to the next:

There are different reptiles all around the not-so-smooth walls of the building. You might want to say, "Well, duh, it's the bush." Duh, Like I don't know. See, they don't only get footholds on these walls: They find perfect strongholds. And am I the only that finds them creepy? But looking at the third point:

Let's face it; Not-So-Smooths are not the most beautiful things. Well, are they? Ranging from not-too-bad to Downright ugly, I would let you to fill in the gap.

But, wait, what about the smoothly plastered? The Opposite of its counterpart. About the bushy thingy, Areas filled with houses with smoothly plastered walls would be virtually void of bush. Those you would see would be well-trimmed. Pronounce N-E-A-T!

About the reptiles, it goes without saying that their chances of getting near the smoothly plastered walls are slim, at best. Now, let us say they managed to get near, watch them try climbing these walls. They Fall! Simple as ABC. There is only a little chance of finding a foothold, not to talk of stronghold.

Now, to the point of Beauty...
Ha! You see? The difference is clear. The Smoothly Plastered wall stands a thing of beauty, tall and proud. Strong and Protected. Guided and Secure.

Now apply this to life. Tell me; Which would you rather want for your life? The Not-So-Smooth or The Smoothly Plastered? I am certain you chose the later. I do too.

This is the type of life enriched with resources capable of bringing out glory, order, and beauty. The life not crawled by the bads and uglies. The life worthy of Emulation. The life worth living. The FantaFab Life. Striking the Balance; Ruling the World.

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