The U-17 World Cup: Lessons From The Just Concluded Tournament.

Let me start on this note: I'm banking on it that you watched the match. Yes, The Final Match of The Under-17 World Cup Championship, featuring Nigeria VS Mexico. If you did, Congratulations are in order, no matter the team you supported.
In case you missed the match, either deliberately or otherwise, I still say Congratulations. There are reasons for this, and I hope you get them as we journey here together.
My first question is this:
Do you know the history of international football in Nigeria? I would brief you. Nigeria was once recognised in the football scene a long time ago. Yes, a long, long time ago. However, we lost it, and failed to live up to our names; Super Eagles, Flying Eagles, Golden Eagles, etc, depending on the team.

When the year started, no one really expected any positive change. I remember vividly what happened when The Africa Nations Cup was played, the first match Nigeria played. I told a group of friends to let us go watch the match. They refused; Nobody wanted Nigeria's Heart Attack-Inducing Games.
I boasted of how we would win the cup, and went to watch the match. Know what happened? I was disappointed. In fact, we only managed to make it out of the group stage.
However, the boys were hungry. They pushed, struggled, pursued until the settled well into the game. The rest was history, wasn't it? The boys brought the trophy home. Since then, it's been winning streak for Nigeria Football. I can confidently tell you that Nigeria has never had it this good when it comes to football.
Nevertheless, I have never been inspired like tonight. This tournament brought a lot of lessons with it. Here is one of the most Important:
***Do not ever be held down by status quo, Protocol or Conventionality***
Do you know who came first, second and third, and what groups they came from?
Nigeria, Mexico, and Sweden; From the SAME Group!
They even took the position the very same way they took it in the group. You might be wondering how sweden qualified from the group stage.
Yes, The best loser who came to beat other groups winners. Talk about breaking protocols!
Never be held back, dear friend. You deserve the best, no matter what the "papers" say. Go for it! Don't ever give up. It's yours to claim. It's your birthright. Don't just dare to dream; Dare to Live Your Dream.
And Just Like Nigeria, Keep Saying:
Yes, Yes, Yes!!!
Strike The Balance; Rule The World.
Over To You. What do you think of the match? What do you want to contribute to the lesson?