Happy New Year, why HAPPY?!

I've been meaning to leave the living room to do this. This year has been set to be my year of Glory, afterall. What to write? Hmmm... why not check my whatsapp unread messages before proceeding? So that's how I saw what got me started.
An acquiantance of mine and colleague posted something that lifted my fingers:
Happy new year ... Why happy ?
1- This is not our new year ..
 We are Muslims .
2- I m getting old .. Why happy ?
 3- I got near death .. Why happy ?
 4- I spent whole year in sins ..why happy ?
 5- millions of our Muslims in Afghanistan ,Iraq ,Syria ,Somalia etc ... Why happy ?
6- I didn't do anything for them .. Why happy ?
Brothers, use your brain and act like a Muslim

Number 1, I'm not a Muslim, but I sure as hell couldn't keep quiet. Which is why I responded. Check here:
And the point? Don't be happy
Thanks for the advice
Remember God's word,
Rejoice. Again, I say Rejoice.
No matter how tough it was, we survived.
Subsidy or not, we survived.
Poly cancelled annex, we survived.
Carry forwards and overs, we survived.
Shocking fees, we survived.
All the way, many are not so lucky.
Many have to travel to poly, we survived.
Remember those who died in their room.
Just yesterday, near where I work, a young lady died in a hit-and-run accident. Yet, we survived. 5millions of Muslims in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Somalia, PRAISING GOD because they survive.
I am a Christian, Proud to be one.
And right now, all I'm saying is Alihamdulilahi (Pardon my my spelling.)
I also say Aleluia.
To God,
To Allahu,
To Elohim,
To Yah,
To Jah,
Be all praise now and forever.
I quoted us verbatim. I want to make it clear that we all have reasons to thank God and be Happy. Need I say more on this. Maybe, but not now.
See you all soon.
Please, kindly drop your comments and tell me one unique reason why we should Thank God and Be Happy.
Much Appreciated.