5 TOP Reasons why you should NEVER let it Drag

What's up, amigo?
How are you warming up to the new year? You know, I can smell Good Goodies already, if you know what I mean. I'm sure you can too.
Today, I want us to address something I've noticed a lot about the human race. It's usually in our relationships. I don't have to remind you that relationships are vital to our success in life. Maybe it's just me, but I tend to be very cozy... until I grow cold- for the right reasons. But that's another story.
Let's proceed!
Humans are imperfect. Humans are so imperfect they don't get themselves. How can you expect such species to understand one another then? Gosh, humans just don't get it. Sometimes I wonder why I still love them. Wait, I'm one of them!
We mess up, with ourselves and those close to us. I don't know who said, " To Err is human, To Forgive is divine." Dude must be a great sinner. But see, he got it perfectly well. WE ALL MESS UP.

WE ALL ARE SINNERS. Well, The Holy Bible clarified that, thanks to God. So, here is where the problem lies. Somehow, we hold on to stuff, some really not a big deal, and then capitalise on it.
We make mountains out of molehills, and find out late that things have gone way out of hands. We wouldn't learn, though. Because that's what we keep doing.
WE LET THINGS DRAG...........................
Personally, (No, not the song), I do it sometimes. But experience has taught me to let go. There are solid reasons, and trust me, I'm SHARING THEM RIGHT NOW:
*1* Dragging robs us of Happiness:
Seriously, tell me if you really feel good when you hold all those things in you. Of course, you don't. Who does?
*2* It hampers Progress:
What we drag weighs us down. Remember it's in the past and, in actual words, behind us. When we drag it, what does it do? Yes, it drags us back. For every action, there is an Equal and Opposite Reaction.
*3* It worsens the case:
You see, dragging never makes things better anyway. It just leaves a trail of some guys sulking and licking old wounds. Yuck!
*4* One may Regret it for life:
Many are regreting today because they didn't handle matters right. At the end of the day, we all usually overreact. The regrets many take to their graves are filled with stuff like this.(Never been there, guys. At least, not in this lifetime.)
*5* God wouldn't Forgive, either:
Our Lord, Jesus Christ was clear about it:
If we can't forgive and we keep dragging, our Father in heaven would also not... Well, complete that.
I could go on and on, you know. But let's leave it for now. Join me by subscribing to this blog. Comment to let me know your mind. I love you, AGAPEly.