Let's Connect The Sexy P way... As he drops Le Po

The world has no doubt become a global village! Through what again? Technology, of course. Hundreds of Millions are connecting like cray everyday.
*For Business
*For Friendship
*For ... LOVE
... Just Name it!

Sexy P tries grabbing the essence in this hit-prone single, LE PO. LE PO is a yoruba slang for Mix... Connect, when translated.
The song is good for these reasons, among others.
*Sensibly Danceable, without making you feel like an idiot. (Yeah, I've seen how some songs make people dance.)
*Personal style you would love. The guy adds some stuff I would want you to check out yourself
*Hot song from a hot guy.
It is not a perfect song. No song is, except Holy Holy Holy... But it sure is worth the download.
Download it here... And Enjoy.
P.S: On the issue of Connecting, I would be dropping my BBM pin in the coming days. Watch out!
Love ya!