Return To Nature (A MUST READ)

Aloha, Amigo!
How has the day been so far? How fresh is the air today? And that is, of course, assuming you didn't have to work your way through cars' and other automobiles' fumes. Wait, what about the Generator?
What I'm driving at is, a lot of things have virtually snatched the blessings of nature away from our grasps. Imagine the good ol' days (Right, Imagination is what some of us have- We were never born during the period) when you could go everywhere and smell fresh air. Uhm, Cow dungs and Poultry drops sure add their own aroma, but it was nature.
Have you passed by a narrow road, shaded with trees on both side, recently? The smell of the leaves, both the fresh ones on the trees and the dead ones on the floor. The dew dropping after the cold night. The chirping birds. The Relaxation mode your body automatically switches to, in response of something real. Something in touch with the divine.
I say, we have abandoned stuff; good, great stuff. Now we have plastic flowers in ceramic vases. See from where thou art fallen! Oh, that's from the Bible, right? Yet, it applies. We lost Eden. Are we losing Nature?
Someone came by Office this evening. One of those Network Marketers working for all these health companies. You know them, abi? We started talking and came to the conclusion that we are just regaining what we've lost.

You know how many would say Education does not allow such "uncivility?" Well, research and find out what the scientists are discovering now. If there is one thing they are shouting, it's "Return To Nature!" (Don't mind the exclamation mark; I'm emphasizing their shouting. Do scientists even shout? Well, that's by the way.)
The message today is clear: Give more room for nature, and see yourself connect with the divine in ways you, me, or anyone can fathom.
P.S: If you wanna play Temple Run, Why not download the Oz Version. So filled with Nature- Natural Trees, Natural Plantations , Natural Cliffs. Wait did I mention the Natural Monsters? No, those are Magical. Magic is supernatural, right?
P.P.S: Don't forget the message. Nature Thingy. That's the way to go this year. Let's Rock it! (Pun Intended)
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