The Government Does NOT Owe Us Anything

Over the Decades, I've witnessed many Governments pass. I've felt the influence of each, in one way or the other. It so turns out that I'm not the only one. Everyone around me talks of this 'time' or that 'regime.' We attribute themes to each Government. Praising some, Blaming others. I know you do too.
I have my own opinion of this whole thing. I'm going to table it here. Let's go over it. Maybe I could convince you. If not, please convince me then. Here we go:

I don't wait for the Government. I don't rely on them. I don't expect anything from them. I don't blame them for my condition. I don't complain of what they do with 'our' money.'-  The money I didn't really work for, either. The ones I give, I consider Charity, to help those who are in need of the Government's help.
The needy Mentality that I have noticed in majority is not what we should subscribe to. If you have, please unsubscribe! Don't wait for any Government. I see many streets today, with many rich people living there, and the funny thing is, they tend to their houses, leave the road untarred, dump refuse somewhere, and then still turn to blame the Government. You know them too, don't you?
And Yeah, there are those who blame poverty for their inactivity too. Way Wrong.
I'm not a Politician. Yet, I know we have to start taking charge of our lives, and stop blaming a leader that is not 'Spraying the money.' Lol, some are just damn funny. They want everything free. Free food, drink, education, good. And then, free airtime, 'relief materials' and all? Wait, does that make sense? I know those who were angry because a Governor didn't give that water bath.(The Container o)
My Dear friend, I really want to stress that it's important for us to start taking charge, and stop blaming others for who we are. Nobody made us this; we did, ourselves. At the end of the day, we are the ones who answer to our status.
I would never forget that Member of the house of Representatives who didn't even know President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan's name. He called Ebele something like Esawalinga, or something. Dude said they are not in the same party. Let's develop a stance similar to this. Similar to, not the same as that tho. You don't have to forget your president's name, but you can be indifferent to the actions.
Face Your Business, Make Your Money. Do Good and Encourage Others to do the same. Let those in Government continue, but don't let them control your state.
You are the Master of your Fate, The Captain of your soul.
Over to you. Don't abuse the Government o. What do you think we can do as individuals, to better our lives? What then can be done to better our Nation? If you have any other opinion, please let me hear it.