Ukraine, where is your conscience?

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How is it? How is everything going? Over here, things are good. I wanted to publish a post yesterday, an epic one. But the network was a big disappointment. Both networks I use as my Internet service providers were big crap this morning. Enough of the excuses! That is about that yesterday. I have posted the article this morning, and you should read it here.

I have been following Ukraine for a few days now. No, I do not mean I am following their handle on twitter. Follow what, when I am not even following Nigeria? Lol! Don’t preach to me about being patriotic. Those who are maintaining the handle, what gives us the assurance that they are as patriotic as we are, anyway?

And does Nigeria even have a twitter handle? I am sure most Nigerians do not give a hoot. I can not see much to be gained from the following. Those old stories? Take it from me, we don’t care. That is about that. I have been following recent news on Ukraine, about the whole uprising in that country. Let me bring us all up to date:

Ukraine has been going through this protest against the government, a protest big enough that it can not be overlooked. I mean, the whole protest is a heck of a big deal. According to the Ukrainian Ministry of Health this morning, the death toll is up to 77 people. Imagine, 77 people dead because of a… fight. In less than a week? My GOSH!
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And that is just the amount that the ministry put it. According to the protesters, it is 100, with hundreds of others wounded. Lol, none of us are fools. We know both figures are estimates, at best. They could also be deliberately manipulated numbers. I personally suspect the latter. So, let us do our own calculations over here, shall we?

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We do it using the MEAN method (Sensible enough):
(100 + 77)/2
= 177/2
= 88 ½ (Who is half, anyway? So, let us round it up.)
= 89 people dead! (That is the deadliest calculation I have ever made!)

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Before I heard about the Ukraine case, I had seen the protests in Thailand some days ago. Over there, the death cases were very minimal. And interestingly, though still sad, the death tilts against the police. This is because all they were using were tear gases, even though grenades were being thrown at them.
I would never advocate risking lives, but these people know that engaging in a mini-war with the citizens is just the perfect way of wiping their beloved country of her people. Simple common sense, violence can never stop violence. Even the greatest man who ever lived was clear about it. “Do not repay evil with evil.” Those laws weren’t because of Him, but because of us. Thanks, Jesus Christ!

Ukraine seems to ignore all the laws of peaceful living….

[I wrote the post above on Friday 21st 2014, but was not able to conclude it. Below is the conclusion. You may notice some changes in the tone, even though the tone generality is not compromised. The change is normal- Between Friday 21st and today, Monday 24th, there has been a great turn of event. Enjoy the rest of the post…]

President Vanukovych (at least, he was president as at Friday when I began this post), How could you open fire on the people you claim to lead? That is the height of madness. Well, madness is quite mild; the word I should use instead of that is “Insanity”. Only an insane man would see it fit to eliminate members of his family, just so that he could remain the head of THAT family. Tell me, who would he be ‘heading’ over, by the way?

When I heard on saw on Friday that it was posted on the Presidency website that talks have been finalised between the seat of power and the opposition, lead by Klitshko (A Boxer, for that matter. Did President Van not fear having his teeth punched out?), there was an initial relief.

However, minutes later, we got to understand that the opposition did not agree to the terms. I guess the terms were not exactly in the opposition favour at all. You know, that kind of if-you-drop-your-weapons-we-would-reduce-your-jail-terms kind of deals. You might want to know that, that was not there first talk.

It came as an answer to millions of prayers when it was announced that the… err… president gave up the… seat. Pardon my use of words; I am trying to be nice. The man ran away, what else? That is what happens when a tree cuts itself from its root. You can not expect the motherland to pray for you after all you have orchestrated, really.

I do not know where he is right now. That is what the whole world is saying too. No one apparently knows where he is. Well, if you do, would you say? The point is, there was a time when his whereabouts were always in the papers. Well now, the moment his whereabouts got into the paper, it is automatic doom. Why, the moment he is captured, he would be up against a mass-murder charge.

I can assure you of one thing. An arrest warrant is out for him. I mean, the whole president of a country reduced to a wanted criminal.
Grace to Grass?
Just like when Spartacus and Varro found themselves in the dark, slimy dung-pit.
Deep, amigo. Really Deep.

So, does it come as a surprise for me to later learn that you are wanted for mass murder in the very country where you were once respected as a national leader? Not a chance here or in the afterlife. He would be ousted from office on Saturday. In absentia, of course. Of course.

I really hope Ukraine returns to normal. My heart is with those people right now. If you were able to watch those videos, then you probably understand how sad it is watching the plight of this people for a long time now. Even a week of bloodshed is incredibly long, believe me.

I hope people all over the world could learn from this country. There are lots of protests all over the world. Syria, Venezuela, Thailand, China, name them. Must we have to resort to Violence, just because no one is ready to listen and act? And must we respond to violence with more violence?

Remember, at the end of the day, it does not matter who is right. What counts is who are left….
Think about it.

Now Over to you, amigo.
What is your take on Violence and oppositions all around the world, and what do you think would bring lasting solution to the bloodshed? Your Constructive Comments are much appreciated!

UPDATE: 25th FEB 2014. I predicted 89 people here when I started this post some days ago. Well, today, Amanpour put it at 88. Am I a Prophet? Well, let us wait to find out.