Your Self Esteem could be Your Ally or Your Adversary.

God is great!

That is what my Instinct told me to start this post with. It is also telling me that this post would speak to many - maybe even to me. God is great once again. Believe it or not, I can already see the reward of the acknowledgement. God is great, I say. Why not say yours affirmatively?

Aloha, Amigo!
How has your day been? I do not know how to put this. All I can say is that I am in an incredibly great mood. It has been long since I had felt like my heart is about to burst. The feeling is as a result of visible improvements in various areas of my life. Not that there are not low times, but I have been putting my mind to focusing on the high times.

And this is one of them.

Speaking of Highs and Lows, what comes to my mind right now is the issue of Self-Esteem; and how high or low it could be, varying from person to person. You surely must met some people who, just by how low their shoulders hang and their heads bow, you could tell how miserable their lives must be.

Yet, there are some (admittedly few) who carry themselves as if there are no worries in the Whole Wide World. This people are believed to be happier, more fulfilled than their counterparts. Interestingly, they often are. You might want to view this subject as a simple common sense. It is not that simple for some. And yes, there are still a lot you can learn; so enjoy the post.

Recently, I wrote about why some people manage to get trapped. You can read about it here. Anyway, I mentioned low self-esteem as one of the reasons. Consequently, I have got feedbacks from people who identify with and are touched by the write-up, both online and offline. Trust me; Self-Esteem is the basis of many mind problems Man faces today.

Let me tell you, I have been engaging in physical body workout for years now, though not nearly as active as some people (I do not go to gym. I just do the basics at home). If there is one thing that I have seen at work most of the times, it is how easily it is to build the chest and maybe the arms and legs.

However, when it comes to the abdominal section, you would see that it is a different story. Crunches are really more painful than push ups, ask any pro out there. If you say no, I guess you are not exactingly ‘crunching’ right. It takes discipline to work on the abs. I personally invest a large fraction of my workout time on the abs. This is why:

When it comes to strengthening the body, the core is the way to go. If you focus on looking ‘big’ to others, and you ‘build’ your body like a Macho Man without strengthening your core, who are you deceiving? It is like a ‘sturdy’ house with a weak foundation – A hard ball with nothing but Air inside. At the end of the day, people who workout this way give out first. Look at how appalling their stamina is when they need it. Clue: watch the Olympics Marathons.

Are you getting the illustration? Now, let us return to the point. Many people want improvements in their lives but fail to see that you should start the improvement from the Core. The Mind.  Here is the truth; to get high, you must have a high self esteem. Those with low self-esteem subsequently go down low. No joke.

If you have a low self esteem:

  • You may become frustrated;
  • You may be less sociable;
  • You may be stressed with no reason;
  • You may find progress very slow;
  • You may eventually sin more often.

You only get as big as your mind, as your thought. You have to believe in yourself to grow. You have to be comfortable in your own skin, before you get comfortable with the fabillions (my way of saying ‘billions of billions’; uncountable) of other entities in the Multiverse.

The main reason why you are where you are is because this is how far you are truly seeing. Yes, yes, I know if I ask you where you see yourself in five years, you probably would mention some place bigger than Bill Gate’s Mansion, lol. But it goes more than just mouthing the words. How strongly do you believe in it? (Let me whisper this into your ear: how faithfully are you working to actualise that dream.)

If the dream is not sweet, one wakes into a bitter world. If the mind is not blessed, how then could the body be, or the life, the career, the home, the study, the love? The mind would either be your greatest ally or your greatest adversary.

I am not writing this as a man who has this amazing mind that is not shaken at times. Trust me, there are things that make you rethink about yourself. Heck, there are things that make you lose your beliefs sometimes. Nevertheless, he who has a high self-esteem would always find a way to get up and charge. Trust.

A pastor once narrated a story of when he was younger and praying to God to build him a bigger Ministry. He said, God told him not to focus on a bigger Ministry, but on a Bigger Minister.


You can never get bigger than your dreams. That might sound like a cliché, but you can never be bigger than your self-esteem. You can not make what you do not believe in, to happen. You have to believe in yourself and how big and important you are already. There is simply no shortcut to success. It starts in the mind.

In your Self-Esteem.

In my next posts, I would write on Basic Practical ways to improve your self-esteem. When you have made those techniques your baby, you could as well move to the Advanced Practical ways. Yes, I am not a preacher – I am a Teacher. A preacher tells you what to do. A teacher tells How to do it. Watch out for my next post.

Over to You:
I hope you have gained something from this post.
What are the effects your self-esteem has had on your life? Please, cite example, so that others may learn from you. Show you are alive. Don’t be shy. Drop your comments.