How To Improve your Self-Esteem, the Practical way

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So in my last post, I was talking about Self-Esteem, and why we need to upgrade it. Cool, many people do that. Preach to you about Self-Esteem, I mean. Tell you why you should do this and why you should do that; why you should dump something and replace it with something else. But how many of them teach you how?

Hey, that is one BIG difference between The Preacher and The Teacher. Me? I can not even see myself, not even in the dream, leaving the Teaching line. Yup!

Back to our discussion;
So, you just heard that the Self-Esteem v1.0.2 you installed on your Mind-ware is old. News is out that the other cool dudes on the block have upgraded to much newer versions. In fact, since v1.0.2, we have had:
  • 1.1.6
  • 1.5
  • 2.0
  • 3.0
  • 3.0.5
  • 4.0
  • 5.0 (The Latest)

Maybe you have been hiding under some ancient rocks somewhere in a remote village, who knows? Anyway, you just found out. No, scratch that; People actually found out about one person who was still stuck with MS-Word ’95 (Sorry, I mean Self-Esteem v1.0.2). That is you, of course.
You got mocked, naturally (What else do you expect in this world we live in, seriously?)

Somehow, you managed to invoke the – admittedly weak- power from that version, and decided to upgrade. And that was where you encountered the challenge:  How do you go about upgrading? How do you improve your Self-Esteem?
Before we proceed, I want to believe that the illustrative journey above makes sense to you. It probably would make much more sense to those who are technologically inclined. Well, the fact that you are reading this is a proof that you are, in the very least, not a dummy when it comes to tech.

Enough of the rambling; Let us proceed.

Below are Practical ways to improve your Self-Esteem.
Some of them might sound crazy to you, but maybe that is exactly why you are not seeing results – seeing stupidity alone. Ouch, that probably hurts! Let us proceed:

  1. Look In The Mirror
Every Morning, you have to look yourself in the mirror and do this. Try to find Three (3) Positive things about yourself. Things you really believe you possess. I could go on counting forever, but you could count 3, if you find it really hard to see the beauty.

Go something like this:
  1. I have this beautiful head of hair
  2. My Biceps are really attractive, and I know it.
  3. Wow, see those eyelashes… No wonder all the....

Now, if I were you I would see many more they are so many, those petty little ones. Go on with that on the first day. You do not just count, by the way. You must say it. Speak out. Tell that human in the mirror.

After counting as much as you can, do something very easy, that people do not have to notice while you were doing it. That thing might be twisting your tongue; pinching your left wrist with your right fingers; crossing your big toe and the second toe, crushing the second toe with the big toe; whatever could apply pressure on a part of your body, without raising attention.

I would tell you why. You are trying to teach to teach your body how to see and feel good.

  1. Gaze Into The Mirror-
This is how this goes. This is honestly more complicated than the number 1 above. But you can do it. Take what you have to get what you want. Take the faith you have left, no matter how little, in you. Look in the mirror and gaze past the looks into your person.

Tell yourself how special you are, and why? After all, what is the point of making claims when there are no proofs to back them up? Go something like this:

I am special:
    • I own my DNA. I share it with no other.
    • I own my finger prints. I share it with no other.
    • I own my retina code. I share it with no other.

Then, get more intense:

·         I am a human; the VERY image of God.
·         I am not just another creature around here; I am designed to rule.
·         I lost my way, BUT now I am back!
·         I am a work in progress, I live the world clueless.
·         I am me. No one can ever take that! I am ME!!!

Say this as many time as necessary, while keeping your eyes on your reflection in the mirror. Did I mention that you have to diligently find proofs and believe them? Yeah, that dude in the mirror is your reflection, lesser than who you really are.

That is the person you have always thought you were – a loser. Now, defeat him indeed and, by so doing, strengthen yourself through it. There is a law behind that, but this article is not about that.

Do not forget to apply the pressure technique, mentioned earlier in Key 1.

Remember, you are the real deal.

Let me emphasize here that all you need for both keys above is just YOU. Everything else is a bonus, including the mirror. After all, you could use anything shiny (If you are a lady, you would understand that better. Why, by the way you check out yourself in anything shiny – from the mirror to reflecting car windows. J ).

The point is, you can improvise, even though it would be best if you could get a mirror large enough. But like I said, it is not a necessity. So, I do not expect any excuses like, “Hey, I really wanted to do it. I really did. But, hell, I ain’t got no mirror!”

There are so many other points, and I think I should continue this in my next post. I am gradually becoming aware that this is becoming a series. No problem. It is worth it. We all do not know who we are, including the most mentally strong among us. I have a book in the making that you should start getting prepared for….

That is about that for now. Those two keys above should be followed religiously. I know, I know, some people might think they sound stupid. But I know the gurus around here know they are the basics, and I believe they are nodding their heads as they are reading the post. So, stay tuned for the continuation of the series by subscribing. I appreciate it.

Now, Over to you:
  • What are those things you do to strengthen your self-esteem? Please, share below. There are many who would love to drink from your breast of knowledge (Lol, someone used that phrase on Facebook earlier today. Funny, I know).
  • If you have tried or have been trying the steps above, please do good to share your experience. People are waiting, like I said earlier, to drink from your… Fountain of knowledge (What did you think I would write, uh?)



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