Grab a NotePad Now!

Aloha, Amigo!
How has it been hanging?... (What sort of question is that? Don't worry, I would pretend I don't know, either.) Hope all is going well? Well, the day has been a bit a bit eventful here.
I told you I lost my pad some days ago. Aigoo! It's a notepad. This days you just can't say some words without going through the pains of "clarification." Imagine, I can not say Apple without having to explain it's just the fruit and not some sophisticated tab Jobs invented. Then, I still have to explain it's Adam Jobs, and not Job of the Holy Bible.
Life has changed. Fab, Everything has! But we're not complaining, though. Afterall, we are all blessed by the results. Let's ignore the curse today. So, I was saying I lost my NOTEpad. Thank God I'm a Man. Only God knows what would have been crossing your mind.
Anyway, upon reflection, it's clear how important a pen and a pad could be. I mean, Ginger, I had so much jotted down. Many things I couldn't always remember without racking the brain like crazy. Like Terry G. Like the Rastafarians.It pains me I lost such a thing. Dance, I was careless there! But when I think about it more, I'm glad I once had it. Why? There are still parts of the notes that I could visualise right now. Granted, It's but just a fraction. However, half a loaf is better than none.( Please tell me, would one morsel of Amala be better than none? I'd rather not take that. Hunger Activation.)
The Bottom line is, let's all have a pad to jot down some important things that can't wait. The brain has to move on to many other projects. So, help the dude out, okay? Jot those ideas.
P.S: Truly, I lost my little notepad. But, you know what? I now have a pad twice as big! Halleluyah to you too!
So, tell me. How do you keep important ideas and records safe? Share in the comment box. Let's go!