Find Your Level...

Aloha, Amigo!
How has the day been going? I just left work. I can't really describe how good my mood is right now. Things are moving the way they should be going now! I would intimate you how key part of it goes. Trust!
Yes, the mood is indeed good. Maybe it's also influenced by the Apala Music sieving out of this cab sound system, though. Late Haruna Ishola, you sure have some nice stuff in your days. So, that's how good I've been feeling all day.
I read a few blog posts today, and found out it's time I started connecting with people of my kind, on my level, of school of thought. I made some efforts towards this, and trust me, it's so rewarding. I just connected, from the inside on out.
As you know, my blog is personal, lifestyle- and life-based. Now imagine me on similar blogs. Amigo, there's nothing like being at home, feeling at home, connecting and identifying with topics and trends.
Have you ever noticed that the most successful people are always surrounded by the right kind of people? Not just other successful people, but people who have the same kind of mindset as they do. So, it goes without saying that positive, optimistic people tend to move their kinds. Same goes for the negative, pessimistic ones. What's that saying again?

Birds of same feathers flock together...
So, find the right people to move with. If you're single, find the right person to move with. Someone you can connect with. Someone you can feel good just because of. A lifter (Heart lifter. Not necessarily a weight lifter, even though that's cool.) Don't move with those that would cast you down. BE WISE!
This is one thing this blog is all about. I reach out with my heart and appreciate those who appreciate me and the blog. It does my heart good that I have been used in my own fantafab way to lift hearts and teach. I never forget to put a genuine smile on your faces, either. I smile, you smile.
Do Me, I do you; Man no go vex.
Thanks to everyone who has subscribed to this blog. You are my Ohana. I love you all.
So, that is it today. Find your level, your company, your home, and enjoy the rewards that follow such decision.
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