Open Letter to Emmy Collins: Why delete "Maheeda: Queen of Nudity" Post?

Dear Emmy,
You know, for a while now I've decided to go to this blog... ah, diary purportedly owned by you, Emmy Collins. It was reported how you. addressed controversial, usually fashion-wise, topics. I assumed you were unshakable and would stand by whatever  you stand by.
So, I made my way there today, 15th of January, 2013 and found the post you featured about Maheeda's nudity. I actually commented on it, first comment and you saw it. I was hoping to always come back. So I returned few hours later, same day. And the post is gone! What????
Understandably, you didn't write it, but you actually endorsed it to feature on your blog in the first place. The writer, in a way, must have spoken your mind. I'm a blogger too, so I know how much importance we attach to guest posts.
So, what were you running from? Public comment? Are you ashamed of what you publicised? I find it surprising, that you could actually delete such a post. Yes, I have it here, and I would share it. You posted it, and you should stand by it!
MAHEEDA …..The queen of NUDITY
Googlemaheeda’, and you’ll be flabbergasted at the number
of results you’d get. it’s no doubt that her nude pictures,
whose presence on the internet are now likened to Boko
Haram in the north, have gotten her the ‘hollywoodattention
even the popular nollywood female celebrities are yet to have.
Real name, Caroline Sam, she’s no doubt an enigma (my own
opinion oh)

As an orphan, she never met her father, and doesn’t even know
her mum. At the age of 14, she took to prostituting in order to
survive. With the label, ‘Naija bad girl’ (coined from her new
single), she’s no doubt a force to be reckoned with in Nigeria’s
showbiz. Show-business is all about attention, it’s about
doing thingsoutside the boxto get the kind of attention that
would have taken you an eternity to get.
Whatever the negative criticism she seems to be getting,
obviously she doesn’t give a hoot. Criticism na criticism
whether positive or negative oh. It’s simply a publicity stunt!
Judging from the comments already being made about her,
this stunt is definitely working. Go girl. Let’s consider the
poko baby’, Tonto dikeh. She undoubtedly shot to fame and
stardom because of her idiosyncrasies. Her first single, ‘high’,
attracted an amazing number of downloads in its first week of
Please follow me closely so you no go lost. I’m in no way
promoting social vices. Like the proverbial voice in the
wilderness, I’ve come to tell you that everyman should know
what works for him, and be ready to give a ‘deaf earto the
voices preaching against his decisions. Everyone’s got a life
to live. How he chooses to live it is no one’s business. Gbam!
Believe me, when you finally attain success, all those busy
bodies go come famzy you.
For a former prostitute, and a married mother, Maheeda, aged
31 isn’t doing that bad. Married to a Dutch, she claims her
husband’s family is very much in support of her posting nude
pictures of herself on the internet. So I wonder if truly they are
in support, who then are we to castigate, and condemn? Know
your zone, and do what works for you is the morale of the
The entertainment industry seems to be saturated with every
Tom, Dick, and Emeka ( I got you didn’t i? you were expecting
to see Harry. Lol ) having a desire to be a musician. I would
have probably looked for a creative way to be in the news
myself if I were to be a musician too. Creative wouldn’t
necessarily mean going nude oh. But again, who are we to
judge? “cast out first the log in your eyes”. I believe in
freedom of expression, I believe in freedom of making one’s
own choices, and being responsible for the repercussion of
these choices.
Maheeda recently shot a video for her single, ‘Naija bad girl’. I
reckon the video has got a lot of nude scenes, and o boy am I
really anticipating to see this video. Are you not? Talk true oh
because God is watching you in 3D. lol.
NB: I’m in NO WAY a spokesperson for Maheeda. I don’t know
her from Adam, and I’ve never met her before. Please feel free
though to tell her she’s got a fan.
Seth Igwe  ( ff. @SthdaSLeeK)
YES, THAT'S ALL OF IT! You promoted it, why not let people enjoy it? It's actually fun and eye-opening. I don't agree with the conduct, but what the writer wrote is actually the sad reality of the length some people go to, to get noticed.
Even you engage in critiquing. Not bad, actually. But only for you to delete your published post. More like you can't handle the public judgement yourself. Funny man.
Here is, of course, your feed link to prove it:
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