What I Honestly Think about Homosexuals and Homosexuality (Gayism and Lesbianism)

Aloha, Amigo.
How has your day been going? Mine has been so eventful, after a fashion. I really had some eye-opening journey today. Not a physical journey; it's metaphorical. Like I said, it was eventful.
So, in the course of the day, I happened to watch a discussion on CNN. It's about the Homosexuality ban just initiated by the president. Alright, on this, I have to clap for President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan. Oh, wait! I have to type, too. Well,be sweet enough to clap on my behalf, would you?
I am sure of one thing, though. The U.S of A ain't clapping. How do I know? They said it! They are not happy with the move. Have you heard they actually brought, like, six or so homosexual atheletes to Russia or Italy. Well, Russian President, Vladimir Putin, didn't entirely like the idea.
To those who just sat righter, please, you can relax. This is a question many would shy away from, but believe me, I wouldn't. I would speak, not to impress some people. What follows is the truth:
The truth is, I don't know whether I have had an encounter with a full homo- but in many cases, I've come across bisexuals. Fab, I have been approached many times! I know what goes on in this game. Maybe not as the gay, like real gay people, but I know what it feels like to be attracted.
As many gays would claim, it's just like getting attracted to an opposite sex. Well, Love is blind. It's true: we can't really control who we are attracted to. If you are attracted, you just are. No question asked, No answer required.

I remember that time I read of that Nigerian Gay Queen (Chukwudi or what was the name again?) who divorced his "husband." Okay, that is weird. You know why? He claimed his "husband" is being "unfaithful" and was "sleeping with other men" (I don't know whether it was men he called them, as I don't know what you call the queens.)
While reading it, I was praising God. Then he broke my heart: He was going to divorce him (Good by me), Take custody of their daughter (Daughter, how? Okay, adoption), and go on to find some other MAN THAT WOULD TREAT HIM RIGHT. I didn't know whether to laugh or to cry. Now, I can laugh, because it has settled in.
Now, I also remember the story of another Gay Queen. This one isn't Nigerian. Dude came open on facebook a while back, got massive likes and supports on his page. Naturally, massive curses would follow too.
Anyway, after some time, he announced he is now a born again, and isn't doing the shitty business anymore. Oh boy, see how people rallied round to support him. Where all these people usually come from, I don't know. Both the Antagonists and the Protagonists. I know there are some on both sides.
Now that I'm Settled, I could actually remember that Michael Scoffield of Prison Break, who also acted Drake in Blade Trinity, came out too. The females' heartthrob is actually not into them. He's into us males. YEPA!
And it didn't all just start. Truth is, it started way long ago, thousands of years ago. It was even recorded that one particular city was so into it, dudes wanted to get down with angels. They actually chose men over virgin ladies.
What happened to them? They were burnt to death. All of them! You know them, the citizens of Sod
God never designed us to connect that way. You see, he really had it in mind for the opposites to make things happen. I thinks this is how it all started when that devil came. I wouldn't say it, but dude stood before a naked lady and all he could offer was a fruit! How gay can someone get?!
Like I said, I understand everything perfectly well, but God does not want it so. In fact, nature is against it. Look at it this way, there are some very sweet foods we would have loved eating, if not for the fact that they affect us negatively, health-wise. So, yes we love them, but still avoid them. Why? Because it's not right.
Personally, I have nothing against gays in themselves. But the act itself, homosexuality, is wrong physically, biologically, spiritually, morally, socially... just name it. Personally, Habatically.....
So, brothers and sisters, let's put it in mind that it's not acceptable for good reasons. Let's try and stay on the good side.
On a final note, remember:
Like sides repel,
Opposite sides attract.
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