Top 5 Tips on How to Take Care of the Hair

Aloha, Amigo!
How has the day been so far? Over here, it's of mixed results, really. Part bliss, part stress. No qualms sha, we still dey survive. And we don't let the rubbish get to us. Allowing things to toy with your emotions isn't the way to go.
Anyway, I still found the time to visit the barbing salon. I know people who would ask me what I went to do there. Uhn uhn, I went to polish my teeth. Anyway, now back home, I have conditioner in my hair. I believe this is what inspired this post. Relax and enjoy.
I can still vividly remember over a decade ago, when my hair got a serious dandruff infection. It was my first year in high school then. I was so ashamed I used to cover the head with one cap like that.
One day, I went to the primary school where I finished. Trust, friendly juniors swarm round me. Normal things. My cap was on. How could I let my juniors see my head so infested? Well, this dude didn't help matters; a junior named Ayo. Huge guy.

He just came, took off the cap in one sweep and, without pausing to look at my head, settled the cap nicely and started breezing away. It must have been the horrifying scream of the other juniors that were transfixed staring at my head; because he turned, saw my head, sprinted back to me and jammed the cap back on my head in horror! I just couldn't help but grin embarassingly.
You know, I could have saved my humiliation by taking proper care of my head, as the hair is just an extension. By the way, do you know the hair is just a bunch of dead cells. Beautiful corpse, if taken care well. You are welcome.
So, do this religiously to keep your hair healthy and beautiful:
1. Comb your Hair regularly:
You might be surprised I started with that, but it actually is the simplest care of the hair and the most advisable to frequently do. It helps "rake" dirt and style hair.
2. Shampoo:
You already know this. Just a reminder. And maybe you don't do it enough. Try shampooing twice a week. Good for you. Just don't overdo it.
3. Condition:
Conditioning the hair is different from shampooing. I reckon it's like an extra. Try it once a week, to give your hair that nice treatment.
4. Massage:
Not your back this time, but your scalp. When you massage your scalp, it gets warm and release some essential oil the scalp and hair needs. This actually depends. But I think you can do it regularly. Just stay out of public eyes, so as not to look like a weirdo. Just a piece of advice.
5. Got Milk?
One great treatment is the application of coconut milk or oil at night and covering it up till the morning. Of course, it works best when you massage it into the scalp for some minutes. Cover the hair up and wash in the morning. You can mix ground camphor into the milk for dandruff treatment. And, trust me, many damsels really rear dandruff!
This should do. What do you do to treat your hair. Do share with us all. Yes, don't forget to subscribe now. Best way to stay updated.