Love is the sweetest thing in life. Can I get a "Yes?"
I, As a person, believe so much in love. I call myself
The Love
Advocate. Hope that sheds more light on my stand?
BUT... Is Love enough when thinking of a serious
relationship? Let's
cut to the chase.

Many people are unhappy in relationships today.
Their major questions are:
"Where did it all go wrong?"
"What happened along the way?"
"Where is the love?"
Take this from me: While Love is a key part of any
relationship, it is
not enough.
Okay, okay, my reasons. Have you ever wondered
how many people were
smiling at the entrance of a relationship, only to be
searching for an exit upon spending a little time in, love
house? What do you think is the reason?
Many would say, "they just had lust for each other.
If it was love, it
would work out!" I read your mind there, uh?
The truth is there are other factors to consider
before getting into a
relationship, vis-à-vis:
-Character: See, I didn't say reputation. Reputation
is what people
say about you. Character is who you truly are.
Study the character of
the potential mate.
Should I continue?
I would. Just not on this post. A later one would
address what to look
out for in a potential mate.
Let's continue what we started. I have watched
many romantic films.
Same with romantic novels. But that's what they
are; Romantic!
They are not real. They are just painting the IDEAL
PICTURE. The sad
truth is we don't live in an IDEAL world. We lost that
in Eden. They
always end their stories with "They lived happily
ever after. The End"
What End? Hehehe!
Or the beginning. Don't be deceived. Watch before
deciding. Just
because you love that person, you don't have to go
all lovey-dovey.
Yeah, unless you want to play games.
But, then, be careful! I drop my pen here. See you
soon. Share with
friends. And follow. Mwuah! I love you all! ... No,
that doesn't mean
we start a ... Hehehe! See ya!