Learn from the Chess...(A must read for everyone)

Leniency: A Sign of Gentleness or Weakness? Or Both?
How do you feel when you are playing a good chess?
In case you haven't, how about when watching one?
I understand not all of us have played chess or watched it being played. But we've all heard about it; if not before, then, now. There are life lessons in it, as you would see...

Chess is a board game played by 2 players. All they've got to win with are 16 pieces divided into six ranks:
1 King;
1 Queen;
2 Rooks;
2 Knights;
2 Bishops;
8 Pawns.
The main objective of the game is to CHECKMATE THE OPPONENT'S KING. To do that, you must use your piece to place the opponent's KING under an INESCAPABLE THREAT OF CAPTURE. The word 'checkmate' is from the persian phrase, 'Shah Mat,' which means 'The king is helpless!'
Notice this, there exists only one King, then 15 others. Even if others die, the king could only be at disadvantage(a big one, yeah), but the game is still on if the king is alive, uncornered.

The King moves only one piece at a time, every other piece have at least a chance to take a leap. The king doesn't have that luxury. He is the target, he is the hot cake. Trust me, when you are THE ULTIMATE TARGET, you don't have the freedom to move anywhere. Forget the myth that leaders have most time to do what they like. Truth is, many leaders have to fight for time to eat. There is just not enough time for everything.
Alright, the queen has the power to move left, right, front, back, even diagonally. Talk about the power of women. Doing many things at a time; cooking, attending to the kids, washing stuff and yes, still attending to the men reading newspapers or watching the tubes. Hehehe! It isn't always that bad, but they sure do lot of things. But, the men shouldn't overtask the women. They are not animals. They are are not beasts of burden. Women too, shouldn't try taking over control of the house. It pleases God that men be the head.
However, at the end, THE KING IS STILL THE TARGET. The home, which is the start, could be weakened by harming the queen and other pieces. Taking out the king is a bigger measure.
The knight just jumps everywhere, doesn't move straight, always makes an L pattern in motion. Dude has little effect, to be candid. Talk about the noise of an empty barrel. okay, two.
The rook and the bishop are superb. the rook moves along ranks, and the bishop diagonally.
The pawn has the most pitiable fate. With little power, yet put in the front ' to take fire for the king!' In life, I have an advice for you, " Better a King than a pawn." In life, it doesnt matter if you are male or female. Be a king in your  calling. Don't join the masses. Move forward. Be secured in your position.
The pawns usually die first. The queen is the power house.